physical installation


i got up an did my make up and hair today. i did it for me. two nights ago i was having an episode and the only person i could talk to was my best friend. over text. i miss coming home to her. i hate being alone in this new city. i dont ever lie about that when somebody asks but i dont think they understand the magnitude of the loneliness im feeling. its physical.

third installment of sensitive black girl project.

how do I install arch linux?

(without fucking up a physical machine)

  1. install to a VM
  2. if you fucked up, wipe everything and go back to step 1. otherwise, proceed to step 3
  3. repeat step 1 four or five more times - you should be bored by repeating the same commands over and over. this is called learning
  4. install to an actual machine, in a bored fashion, because it’s so easy by this point