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Quick fact. Ready?
Exercise suppresses appetite immediately afterward, however increases it later on in the day.
Oh exercise, you truly are amazing.


Goodbye Girlfriend!
23 March 2017

My upper arms are hams! 😂 I love these happy sweaty photos by my buddy and Thai-X-Fit instructor Claire. Our awesome girlfriend Kaz is Sydney-bound for work and all of her morning workout cronies are going to miss her bigtime. (It will be now up to me to carry on the class moan, groan, grunt and loud self-talk vocals solo.) 💪😁👊

Mitzy our mini-schnauzer getting her selfie-face on. Post-prandial relaxation on The Girl’s knee. She actually did take one photo but, well, pratice is required. 😂🐶😂 (Rose gold iPhone in your dreams Mitto!) 🐶📷🐶

Quick fact. Ready?
One should notice performance improvements even within the first week after beginning aerobic/endurance training. Training affects occur fairly quickly.
However, detraining occurs just as quickly with such aerobic activities.

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Hi! Some people are happy being overweight, and that's okay. But many people don't feel comfortable being overweight, and being overweight/obese can cause a plethora of health problems. (Of course, weight doesn't determine someone's worth as a person.) What can we do to encourage health while still remaining positive about body image? (I hope I don't offend anyone. I post stuff about healthy bodies occasionally, but I want to be sensitive to others and avoid body-shaming.) Thanks!

Hey - I don’t think this is offensive at all. It’s a very valid question, and I think it’s definitely possible to encourage both physical health along with body positivity

Here’s how:

-We need to start seeing body image and physical health as separate entities. You can love your body and celebrate it’s beauty while still wanting to change aspects of your lifestyle to benefit your physical health. Motivation for exercise and healthy eating should come from a place of self-love and caring for oneself, not from a place of sadness and hating one’s body. 

- Health and weight are not interchangeable. You can be overweight or obese according to BMI standards and nevertheless healthier than someone in the “normal” BMI range. Eating a healthy diet and being physically active are great things to do for your health, and they aren’t necessarily always reflected by a change in your weight. 

-Promoting physical activity for the sake of weight loss is, in my opinion, a mistake for several reasons. Firstly, you can be getting more fit but put on weight due to muscle. Secondly, if someone is being more physically active but not losing weight, they may give up on their exercise plan because they think it’s “not working,” when really exercise has tremendous health benefits independent of weight loss. A similar story is true for nutrition/healthy eating.

If you or anyone else is interested in the health benefits of nutritious eating and physical activity independent of weight loss, you can check out this article I wrote a while back

It goes over how a lot of the things people blame on obesity (eg increased risk of heart disease, etc) are actually tied to physical inactivity and not to obesity itself. Happy reading!


Challenge Miles

28 & 29 March 2017

Only four sleeps until the 146km 3 Dams Challenge on Sunday. This week I haven’t been busting my guts on the bike intensity-wise, but I have had to put in 80 miles to meet my Healthy Challenge Group’s bonus bike points! In order to catch up the final few miles today, I split my workouts in two: a short bout at work while my independent clients were in the gym (I kept beady eyes on them from my vantage point and they thought I was hilarious posing for a sweaty selfie); and the rest at home, followed by some weights training and stretching.

That’s it now; pretty much just dog walks and mobility until Sunday. After all my efforts, I was not in the mood for cooking. In fact, pizza called. We tried a new joint and had it delivered by Uber Eats. Very civilised; had time to shower and get into my PJs and the kids cleaned up afterwards. And here’s a cute pic of my big boy and the little dog. She’s a bit tentative around him since he moved out of home, funny thing.

‘Being active’ does not mean you have to be a 300 pound body builder, triathlon runner, or highly competitive bikini model. You don’t necessarily have to run, lift, play tennis, football, soccer, or do plyometrics.
'Being active’ simply means doing what you enjoy doing; what ever that may be. If you don’t enjoy strength training, then you don’t have to do it! If swimming is more your thing, then go for it! Do what feels right, and have fun with your physical fitness!

Stop Drop Selfie
23 March 2017
Feeling the love this morning with two SDS tags! ❤❤ @grandenoirceur and @fatgirlgetsfitatlast here is my sweaty post-workout grinning face.

My friend Karen has been seconded to Sydney & today was her last Thai-X-Fit class with the crew 😢. She & I are the only ranked martial artists in the class (plus our instructor) and are far & away the noisiest ones! Gonna miss my fellow bellows! 😂 I enjoyed a 50-min intense workout class but will have to do my stretching later as last week I stayed to stretch and was late for work 😮. Will have to do my tags later too. Have a great day/night!

Later: okay tags - have fun @insanitytakeover @mikaxmaki @runningmyownrace @h-co3

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Hi Chris! After obsessively trying to get in steps (to the point where I was jogging in place and getting up to 70k steps a day), my toes have gone numb. I've researched into this topic and it's made me seriously reassess what I've been doing, and I know I have to cut down and just work out like a normal person. But it's hard. It's REALLY hard. I'm worried if I stop doing what I've been doing, I'll gain weight. Tips for battling this obsessive behavior? So grateful for your blog.

Hi love. If you continue to over-train and exercise way too much without getting enough rest or fuel and what not, your body will get injured and start to shut down…things like low iron, fatigue, period loss…all of those things can come about if we are over-exercising and not being smart with our physical activity. Exercise and movement is important, but you MUST make sure to get adequate recovery and rest as well! Your body is smart and won’t just somehow put on 10 pounds by not getting in all of your “steps,” I promise!

Quick fact. Ready?
Endurance training for a minimum of 5-6 hours every week can result in a physical enlargement of the heart itself known as Athlete’s Heart Syndrome.

The increase in size allows for the heart to pump out more blood with every beat, making it more efficient.
This is the body’s way of adapting to the increased oxygen demand being put on it during prolonged aerobic training.

Now, who wouldn’t want a bigger heart?

for emphasised mars planets, mars in the 12th house, mars in the 2nd, mars in the 1st, moon-mars aspects, moon-neptune aspects, mars in aries, mars in sagittarius, mars in pisces, or mars in taurus, physical activity or exercise may be a form of meditation. it can separate energy from mind and provide a moment of peace. these people work well on their own and generate uncontrollable impulse and spontaneity.


Cider House Rules!
25 March 2016

The climb out of Canning Dam is a killer so many happy smiles on my face seeing those golden Strava PR medals. 💪😄 The roads out there are rough so a 73.1kph descent was a thrill too - I thought my bike was going to shake and rattle to pieces!

Today was the Dam Fine Ladies’ last hills training ride before the 3 Dams Challenge next Sunday; just 50km but it was challenging. Two helpful husbands cruised along with us - including mine - so it was great to catch a wheel for a change! The other lads did a faster 63km. After the ride, we all enjoyed a leisurely lunch and beer at Core Cider House 🍻. (Well, I had beer, as I am not too keen on cider.) #winning

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Hi. What kind of typical activities do you think helps each type for them to develop their top 4 and especially the first 2 functions?

People rarely need help developing their dominant function; it’s so much a part of who they are that it’s working on a subconscious level all the time. They can’t stop it. So, these are things to develop HEALTHY functions lower in the stack.

Ne: do crossword puzzles and look for patterns in life, in behavior, and in people. Practice with entertainment: look for behavior patterns, writing patterns, character patterns, plot patterns. Give yourself a wide range of experience by trying out films in a bunch of different genres and figuring out what all the writing has in common. Toss aside the instructions for something and see if you can figure it out on your own. Be creative. Start with one idea, concept, or thought on a page and bubble out from there, adding whatever words, names, or ideas that occur to you. Let your vision grow. 

Ni: give more thought and credence to your “premonitions” and “suspicions” about other people. Focus on looking at one object, idea, concept, or person from various angles in order to figure out what it really means or symbolizes. Think about your future, and visualize what you would like to be doing in ten years. Then think about how to make that vision a reality; what steps must you take to reach that goal?

Se: focus on paying attention to your surroundings and noticing things. Give in to more impulses to move in the moment to make something happen or to produce an immediate result. Take up a physical activity that exercises your body and helps you get in sync with your environment (karate is a nice choice and will help you be more bold).

Si: focus on remembering details and retaining information. Think about the past with a critical eye to discern what you can learn from it. Do not move too quickly past an experience, but think about it, storing it in your memory for what it taught you. Revisit things you are familiar with and enjoy (movies, books, games, childhood experiences). Ponder the realization that your Si-memories are all subjective experiences, and may not reflect the reality of the situation… so ask people for their views on certain situations, to get a broader picture of what actually happened.

Te: practice putting things in order, organizing drawers, alphabetizing bookshelves and movie collections, coming up with an outline for a project or writing out a plan. Make lists and cross things off as you do them. Consider dabbling in blueprints for practice (and fun). Focus your efforts on producing something tangible in the real world, or on improving something that you consider to be flawed.

Ti: when enjoying something or expressing appreciation for it, reflect on it and ask yourself why you enjoy it. Analyze it and your actions, to see if there are inconsistencies (I like The Hunger Games, but not Gladiator; the two films are very similar, but one of them disturbs me more… why is that?). Focus on consistency of thought.

Fe: talk about your interests with other people, and explore emotionality through entertainment, in a way to learn to connect to others, share their emotions, and figure out the appropriate way to behave in various situations. Compliment others on a job well done. Practice talking about how you feel with other, trusted people, so that you can deal with your emotions in a healthy way without resorting to passive-aggressive behavior or bottled up feelings.

Fi: spend time thinking about your decisions and whether or not they reflect what you truly believe and value in life. Do not dismiss your feelings, but instead ponder them and process them internally. Give some thought to the things that repulse you, or appeal to you, and reflect on why those things matter to you or “turn you off.” Encourage individuality in others and practice forming silent bonds with others.

Anger problems and Mars

I have seen a lot of people ask about what can cause anger problems from a natal chart perspective. Usually the Answers I see is Aries moon, Aries Mars, or another Fire Mars. Not always but these are always the most popular answers. These of course are valid answers, however there is something else that is very important to look at.  

I believe its very important when looking for anger issues in your chart, (especially if it is to help yourself to cope this your own anger issues) that you look at all aspects to Mars. You want to pay special attention to hard aspects to your mars. Usually there is one or two very strong aspect to mars that stands out if you do have anger issues. 

Mars energy can be very harsh and can easily be channeled in negative or unproductive ways. Finding an outlet for Mars energy is very important. Sports, Martial arts, boxing, exercising, and physical activity in general are the top ways to handle mars energy giving you trouble.

 It is not easy (speaking from experience, Mars Square Pluto in my chart is very rough) however, it can be over come. There are many people with hard aspects to Mars that are able to over it and make something better for themselves. They can actually use this Mars energy in a way that helps them instead of hinders them. Something I myself am determined to learn! 

A side note as well. Many people feel that even if they have this Mars energy and they are not being physically violent they do not have deal with it and channel it. Although it is good they do not have violent tendencies turning anger inward and internalizing anger and Mars energy can be very damaging as well. These are my insights! Feel free to tell me your experience with Mars or your thought! 

I’ve been thinking a lot about Health At Every Size lately, and why it’s so crucial to me, especially as someone with a chronic illness that causes my weight to fluctuate a lot. 

First of, I think I’ve come to find that my take on HAES is very different than what the anti-HAES people seem to think it is. 

My simple take on the movement: Focusing on living a healthy lifestyle without the main goal being weight loss. Meaning eating responsibly, and as healthily as possible while being accountable for what I put in my body. Being as physically active as is safe for me at the time, and pushing my limits when I’m able to. Using exercise and physical activity to help with mental health as well. A good ballet class is far more effective than any therapy session in my book. 

It is absolutely not anti weight loss. Over the past year and a half I managed to lose 50 pounds, but now that I’m having heart issues gain, I’m having issues with fluid retention. Before anyone chimes in saying my problems are from clogged arteries from a crappy diet, I’m so sorry to disappoint but my latest cardiac work up showed no blockages, no calcifications, no plaque, no coronary artery disease whatsoever. It’s all arrhythmia problems from autonomic nervous system dysfunction. (and believe me, cardiologists do not sugar coat ANYTHING, as it should be.)

In the past two months I’ve probably gained and lost 15 pounds 3-4 times. Somehow my overall weight trend is down, but daily, even weekly it’s all over the place. I *have* to weigh myself daily to keep track of it. And damn if it doesn’t drive me crazy. And while I know it’s physically impossible to gain 5 pounds of fat overnight, I’d be lying if I said it didn’t mess with me. If I could walk away from the scale forever I would, but I know it’s necessary to keep track of things. It’s enough to make me want to give up some times.

But I can’t. I know I can’t. If I gave up on trying to be as healthy as possible, it would be a death sentence. I’m completely convinced that the reason I’ve managed to tolerate my heart issues as well as I have is because I’ve done my best to be as physically active as I have. 

If the *only* measure of success I used to measure my habits was weight loss, I would have given up a long time ago. 

You cannot give up on healthy habits just because you’re not losing the weight quickly.You cannot give up because you gain a few pounds. You cannot give up because your body is not acting the way you think it should. 

This idea of treating weight loss as the ultimate reward for being healthy is one that has to change. A healthy lifestyle is its own reward, nothing more, nothing less. The benefits of attempting to be as healthy as possible still show in your body whether or not you lose weight. 

That’s not to say that you won’t lose weight or that losing weight is bad, but it should absolutely not be the penultimate measure of one’s health. 

The tldr version: My version of Health At Every Size simply means attempting to live as healthy a lifestyle of possible without using weight loss as the sole measure of health. 

It really is as simple as that.

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What are ur thoughts about nike making a line of Hijabs for muslim female athletes. I was really excited. A cnn article states "Nike said the hijab is already being worn by Emirati figure skater Zahra Lari. 'I was thrilled & a bit emotional to see Nike prototyping a Hijab,Lari said in a statement. 'I've tried so many different hijabs for performance, so few of them actually work for me. But once I put it on & took it for a spin on the ice, I was blown away by the fit & the light weight.'


I think it’s very very progressive, especially if it eases access to women of all backgrounds and religions in order for them to take part in sport, physical activity and exercise - something I’m very passionate about.

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Do you enjoy exercise? Intense physical activity of any kind? Have you ever attempted exercises meant for humans? If so, what was the experience like?

I discuss that at length in my books.

I despise exercise. My consciousness is dependent upon my caloric intake and extended activity burns through that. Which means that the more activity, the less in control, and the more likely to harm. So no, I don’t like exercising.

Usually I can do extraordinary things, but only in small bursts.

Are you really pro-choice?

The first question you need to ask yourself is, do you believe in human rights? As in, John Locke’s basic human rights: life, liberty, and property.

Thomas Jefferson regarded Locke as one of the most important thinkers on liberty, and French Philosopher Voltaire was quoted as saying, (concerning Locke) “[he is] the greatest man of wisdom.”

John Locke inspired the likes of Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, and Thomas Paine.

The reason why I list life, liberty and property, rather than the version with the pursuit of happiness is that property is much more concrete. I like concrete, I like order, because I hate rampant chaos. Organized chaos, maybe. Rampant chaos, no.

Chaos paves a way for tyrannical notions, as history dictates. If not for chaos and disorder, men like Hitler couldn’t have risen to power over a helpless and disorganized people.

Now, if you believe in the human rights, you have to believe in the fact that they are negative rights. No one is obligated to sustain your life, no one is obligated in your creative, social or economic endeavors, no one is obligated to give you property, etc. However, no one has the right to unjustly end your life, unjustly withhold your liberty from you, or unjustly seize your property, either.

Now that we are aware of the functions of these rights, as it is not reasonable or orderly to expect them to be positive rights requiring action: because we cannot sustain everyone’s life, liberty, and property all at once. Each individual is responsible for their own life, liberty, and property. This is the epitome of freedom of the individual at its core. You cannot be more free than to have complete right to your person.

However, these rights have reasonable limitations. Government’s function in society, per John Locke, is supposed to have the only true, pure purpose of protecting individual rights. The law is supposed to punish those who take someone’s rights away in one form or another, but each violation of rights is not punished equally. Why?

Because the three basic human rights are not equal. Property can be attained again once it is stolen, because one has their life and liberty. Which is why murder and enslavement are punished more harshly. Liberty can be attained again if it is taken, but removal of this right is also the removal of a second: for you can have no property if you are enslaved. This is why kidnapping and false imprisonment are punished more heavily than theft.

Life is a right that once taken can never be regained, and thus murder is the most heavily punished crime under our laws in the United States of America. There are certain degrees due to accidental death, or malicious intent: but this does not negate its very serious regard in our society.

I digress. We have limitations on our rights, in degrees, due to their importance, and to deter any overreach of rights from one individual that might take the rights of another.

Under your right to life, you have the right to keep your life, no matter what anyone else thinks of your life, or how they regard your life, and government powers cannot take your right to life away from you except in the case where you have committed a heinous crime: such as taking the life of another. You have no right, except in cases of self defense, to take the life of another person, as this is the ultimate theft: life can only be had once.

Under your right to liberty, you can go, do, and be whatever you want. Unless your liberty bears a will to do malicious intent, such as steal from, harm, or murder another person. You can drive your car only within legal limits, so you cannot take the right of another person due to irresponsible driving. You can own a gun, but only with a background check and clean record, to deter you from doing harm to another. Etc.

Under your right to property, you can buy whatever you want, but not against someone’s will: you cannot buy someone else’s property without their consent. You cannot use your property to damage someone else’s property. And the exchange has to be deemed beneficial, or equal, to both parties. You have a right to achieve property, but not the right to have it given to you.

Bodily autonomy = liberty. Your liberty does not give you the right to steal someone else’s life, only the right to protect your own life in equal measure. As this is a negative right, it does not obligate you to sustain someone, only to commit no action against their person.

In the case of pregnancy, which is not comparable to any modern, medicinal technique, one IS obligated to sustain such life only for a short period of time, unless that new life threatens that of the mother. As Liberty and Life are not equal rights. Just as you have limitations on your liberty in other events so your liberty may not overreach and violate someone else’s right to life, neither can your liberty overreach during pregnancy.

It is a violation of human rights, a movement towards disorder and the collapse of the values towards human rights, to support abortion.

In 99% of abortion cases, the sexual intercourse was consensual. Therefore, with a basic, high school knowledge equivalence, we understand the consequences of sex as being the possibility of pregnancy or a venereal disease.

Therefore, in agreement with the basic human rights, and the natural order of protecting equal human rights, as well as common sense, to agree that if one cannot afford the treatment of an STD, or the care of a child, one should be reasonable enough to use their brain rather than submit to hormonal instincts as a lesser animal with lesser intelligence would; and thus choose the better option for themselves, and/or their partner, as well as a potential child that could occur.

It is a mature, and responsible avenue to choose abstinence, or adoption, for a child that came without desire, albeit from a desired act whose only purposes are pleasure and reproduction.

If sexual intercourse were simply intended for mental health, physical health, or an exercise activity and not exactly destined for the chance of reproduction and furthering the human race I could understand the shock of a woman discovering she is pregnant from such an act.

But in the age of the internet, to see this as a surprise is plain and simple ignorance. To see one’s liberty as a greater right than another’s right to their life is not logical, or reasonable, and neither is the screeching of the feminist left that they have a right to sexual intercourse.

If you had a right to sexual intercourse, rape would be legal, whether a positive or negative right, as anyone saying no would be a violation of that right to sex.

Sex is a privilege. Life is a right.

Now ask yourself, are you really pro-choice? Or are you anti-human rights?