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Hospital Jargon (as explained by an American floor nurse)

Writing something that takes place in a hosptial? Consider this list of phrases to add a sense of realism:


Report/ in report: When one nurse hands their patients off to another

PACU can f*ck right off until 1930, we’re in report.

Sign-Out: When one doctor/resident hands their patients off to another

*returning page* “Are they dying? I’ve barely gotten sign-out here

EPIC- Electronic charting system. Literally any electronic charting system. Does not have to be Hyperspace/supplied by the EPIC corporation to be called this.

Hey, could you put those vitals in EPIC for me since you’re already logged in?

Bed 45/46-2/47-1/48/etc…: how we refer to patients, by their bedspace number, denoted “room-bed”.

Hey Nikki, do you remember what 45-2′s blood sugar was?

Assignment: The patients any one particular medical professional has responsibility for- be they a nurse, doctor, aide, respiratory therapist, physical therapist, etc…

My assignment is rooms 43-45, how about you?

The Board: Where the status of the patients on your floor get listed, including who is to be discharged, who has certain needs, and the day’s expected admissions. Used to be a physical white board, but now is electronic. Usually used to talk about how many patients a floor is about to admit.

“Jeeze, did you see they just put four new patients on our board? We’ve already got 16- call the nursing supervisor.”

Flexed up: Taking more patients than you’re staffed for on a floor

Well, we’re staffed for 15, but they ‘found’ three more bedspaces so they’re flexing us up tonight.

Code/Call a code/They’re coding: A Code Blue. When a patient’s heart stops on The Floor and everyone shows up to practice CPR and transfer them to The Unit.

They’re coding, get a crash cart to 75-2 and call a code blue

Rapid/Call a rapid/Rapid response team: Almost a code, but their heart is still beating. For hospitals who have a separate “Rapid Response” nursing team. Two Crit Care nurses show up and handle things. Also who you call if you and everyone else on your floor can’t get an IV.

They have an INR of 9.5 and the doc doesn’t want to do anything- I’m gonna call a rapid.

Float/they’re floating you: When you don’t have enough patients on your floor so the nursing supervisor sends you to a different, unfamiliar one.

They’re making me float to 9C. Again. Can you believe that??

Full: Can’t take any more patients, either due to physical space or nursing staff.

Tell the nursing supervisor to stop putting patients on our board- we’re full

Clinic: Outpatient. Where you want your patients to be.

Tell them we’ll see them in Clinic in three days. They have no medical need to be here anymore and they know it.


Contacts/isolations: Any patients who’s rooms you have to don a gown, gloves, mask, and/or respirator to enter.

Are you sh*tting me? I have five patients today and four of them are isolations.

Frequent flyer- Someone who, for medical or social reasons, just can’t seem to stay out of the hospital

Did you hear Darlene is back?” “Yeah, we’re officially engraving her name on the Frequent Flyer wall of fame

Crump/Crumpy/Crumper: Colloquial term for patients who are medically unstable/at a lower level of care than they need/will be transferred to The Unit when a bed becomes available or when the inevitably code, whichever comes first.

73′s a crumper if I’ve ever seen one. Rapid’s in there working her now.

‘Seeker: Someone in the hospital with their own agenda, but who largely has no medical need to be there and will threaten to sign out AMA (even though they’ve been discharged four times and keep refusing to go) if they don’t get what they want- be it drugs, social interaction, or over-the-top waitressing. Will probably threaten to give a horrible review of the hospital on their social media platform of choice and mention you by name if they don’t get what they want.

49′s a total seeker. When she’s not begging for pain meds, you’re getting her crackers, juice, tea, hot packs, cold packs, everything you could think of. I didn’t sit down all night and my other patients slept pretty much the whole night. Give her some percocet and get her the hell out of here before I have to deal with her again tonight.

Heavy: A patient that takes up a disproportionate amount of your time, but usually for a legitimate reason.

Dr. P’s patients are really heavy. Something’s always going on with them and they have tubes coming out of everywhere that need care of some kind every hour… I had two of his patients today and I’m so tired… could we break up the assignment for the next shift please?


The Floor: Medical and Surgical floors, sometimes specialty floors- basically anywhere that’s not the ED, Psych, or The Unit. These have higher staffing ratios (more patients per nurse) and lower patient acuity than The Unit

They didn’t really need a bed on the Unit so they were transferred to the Floor

The Unit: The Intensive Care Unit. Where crumpy patients go, comes in the following flavors (though smaller hospitals may have just one): MICU (medical), SICU (surgical), PICU (pediatric), TICU (trauma), NICU (neonatal), NICU (neurological), BICU (burn), and Stepdown (in the days after an ICU discharge).

They weren’t doing so hot, so we called a rapid and had them sent to The Unit.

The ED: The Emergency Department. Oh dear lord it is not called the ER.

They’re sending up that new admit from the ED in like 5 mins, do you have the room ready?

PACU: Post Anesthesia Care Unit, where people are stabilized after surgery.

PACU’s calling again, they’re backing up and need to give report.” 


Director of Nursing: One Nurse to rule them all. Directs all facets of nursing, from training to hiring to staffing to quality improvement.

Nursing Supervisor: One nurse to rule them all… on a given shift. The nursing supervisor assigns patients to nursing units and makes sure everywhere is staffed accordingly.

Nurse Manager: In charge of the general staffing and personnel management of a particular floor, including scheduling, patient satisfaction, staff development, and service recovery.

Charge Nurse/Charge: The “shift manager” of nursing. Has final say on a lot of things you don’t want to be the bad guy on, as well as creating assignments/checking the crash cart, and submitting service requests when the nurse manager isn’t there. Also has a patient assignment.

Staff nurse: The nurses who do assessments, pass meds, start IVs, carry out orders, give updates to doc’s, chart, manage a patient’s day, make sure they get to tests/procedures on time with the right paperwork, and are overall responsible for managing patient care and providing first-line response to issues that arise throughout the shift.

Nurse Aide/Nurse Tech: Provides the majority of basic patient care. Counts intake and output, gets blood sugars and vital signs, sets up rooms for new admits, cleans and clothes patients, gets blood and urine samples, transports patients if necessary. Staff nurses are responsible for this when aides/techs are not available.

Would someone please add the Medical Hierarchy if you know it? I don’t feel I know it well enough to do it justice. Thanks!

Dating Doomfist HCs

I love this man from his accent to his looks so here

I did a Part 2

-He’ll beat you in any game whether physical or board (Especially chess don’t even try). You hate him for it and can tell when he’s letting you win

-He’s not into PDA but can read your mood and will comfort you in private. 

-And spare the soul who ever hurts you because this man will crush them either physically or mentally (using his contacts to ruin their life) depending on his mood.

-Ask him about his family!! Do it!! The smile that will pop up on his face when he talks will warm your heart. He loves his family and is proud of where he comes from.

-He can’t really go out and attend competitive martial arts tournaments so you two tend to watch them at the home.

-At night he’ll share different Nigerian myths and tales that were passed down in his family. (God bless this mans accent can soothe me to sleep)

April #KeepHerInTheGame Campaign Plans


The hard part is over. We are all done with our two physical campaigns! We would like to thank everyone who participated in sending Fox postcards and baseballs! We are blown away by the participation and we believe that our mail no doubt made an impression!!!

We still have one more inning and a half left to play, so lets NUT UP and keep our heads in the game. For April we will be trending special hashtags. Here is the game plan:

Originally posted by katmcnamara

Campaign Dates 4/5/17, 4/12/17, 4/19/17 & 4/26/17 @ 7 pm EST 

4/5/17 #TellFoxHerName - Tell Fox the Name of a girl or woman who may be positively impacted in the future by Ginny Baker staying on TV.

  • Ex: #TellFoxHerName @FOXTV my niece Milan Marie. 

 4/12/17 #WhoseLineDriveIsItAnyway- This one is fun! We will be tweeting @FOXTV our favorite lines from Pitch.

  • Ex: ‪@FOXTV Find another duck to waddle behind! #WhoseLineDriveIsItAnyway

4/19/17 #FightFor43 - Tag an MLB team and ask them to help join the #FightFor43.

  • Ex: @Padres please help us in the #FightFor43 to #RenewPitch and #KeepHerInTheGame.
  • Ex: @Dodgers please help us in the #FightFor43 to #KeepHerInTheGame.
  • There are 30 MLB teams. Let’s hit them all!

 4/26/17 #PitchFam - It’s been all about Ginny up until now. Let’s tell FOX why we love the people around her.

  • Ex: I love Al because he is the father figure Mike needs. #PitchFam
  • Don’t forget to tag the actor who plays the character.
  • Include #RenewPitch and #KeepHerInTheGame in these tweets.
  • Let’s show the writers and crew some love too!
  • Ex: Tanner & Katie almost killed us with the almost Bawson kiss #PitchFam

If you don’t have twitter, that’s no excuse to not join in! Creating one is super easy so make one and connect with us! Twitter PitchFam is a very friendly bunch!!! If you want you can even create a special twitter just to tweet about Pitch if you’d prefer to keep it off your personal account.

If you didn’t hop on board with physical campaign stuff, this is a great time to get involved! It’s the best price - free! Everyone should do it! 

Thanks so much for sticking with us in the #FightFor43 to #KeepHerInTheGame these past few months!! You are all the real MVPs. Just a little longer friends

But why not wish on airplanes at night?

Think of all the work that goes into getting a hunk of metal up into the air and sailing it through the skies, from takeoff all the way back to the first ideas on human flight. All the energy that has been put into learning the science of flight. How human will and intelligence and effort have made flight a possibility. It’s an every day example of using knowledge of forces to achieve what we want - and is that not what magic is?

Think of all the energy on board a plane - emotions from people happy to be returning to family, those nervous to fly, those who are excited to be landing someplace they’ve never been to. The amount of physical fuel on board a plane. The idea that the air is holding this thing full of people so high above the ground.

Airports are such an inbetween place. People - so many people - are traveling, waiting, meeting, full of energies and ideas and passions. It’s one of the biggest crossroads you’ll ever come across.

Shooting stars happen way out away from human influence, and are lovely and rare, but we don’t create them. Why not wish on something that humans created? Why not look to a machine people made to defy gravity as an icon of success and achievement, rather than a rock that flies across your vision by chance?

2017 OLICITY HIATUS PROJECT: Dare to Defy. Dare to Dream

In 2016, the CW and Arrow invited us to “Dare to Defy” – Defy history, gravity, expectations and explanation; defy being bored, ignored, and defined by others. “This is our moment,“ the CW said. Our choice.

In the past, my hiatus projects have focused our energy and attention on Oliver and Felicity. We’ve spent every hiatus promoting CW/Arrow/Olicity and what we love. This hiatus, I’m asking you to take all that creativity, passion, and love and promote YOU. I’m asking you to focus all that Love into yourself.

I am challenging you, Olicity lovers, to defy.

I’m challenging you to Dream.

We all have dreams. Those things we tell ourselves we’ll do "tomorrow” or “someday.” Some of our dreams are small (that stolen 30 minutes in a bubble bath with a glass or wine and that book we keep meaning to read, a new hairstyle, wardrobe, or that new restaurant we’ll go to with friends we haven’t seen in forever to catch up). Some of our dreams are bigger (a new job, going back to college, running a marathon, writing a book, turning a hobby into a business, changing jobs). Heck, our dreams might be a solitary Saturday with a long nap and some gardening time or finally telling a time/energy-hog in our life, “No. I don’t want to do that.”

Whatever those dreams (be they something physical or emotional)… if you dream about it, it counts for this project. Dreams have no limits here, and they don’t require money to do either.

NEED MORE INSPIRATION? How about that museum or zoo you keep promising you’ll take the kids to because you have such great memories there as a kid? Or maybe it’s a hobby/craft or other class/workshop you keep saying you’ll sign up for. Maybe you have a room you want to give a makeover, a To Read/To Watch book or movie list you never can find the time to actually get to; new recipes to try, a beauty box to sign up for, designated “Me Time,” a blog, or an impromptu road trip “just cause.”  Whatever it is, that’s what goes on your list because it’s important to you and this hiatus is about writing the story that is YOU.

Now clearly all dreams can’t be tackled “now.” Some are so big they take planning, financing, etc. Clearly I’m not advocating you quit your job tomorrow and become a goat herder by Tuesday. But in-between “Wishing” and “Doing” is a pesky thing called “Planning.” For dreams that fall in this category, consider research, goal-setting, and plan-making part of tackling your Dream list and figuring out how to shift those Some Day Dreams to Did It! Reality.  

Want to go back to college? Research schools to see what it will take to get that degree, research financial aid options, check with work to see what benefits they might offer to help you pursue that continuing education.  

Have a dream job you want? Start researching the market, update your resume, network with friends and other contacts to see if you can find opportunities.

Have a house project you want to do? Create a inspiration board (physical or cyber on a site like Pinterest) and start putting together the look you want, visiting paint stores for samples, window shopping for furniture and finishing, and planning a budget.

Shift your Dreams to Goals, set those, and start exploring. Break the barrier between Dreaming and Doing.

Worried your list might be too big or discouraging?  Write out only a few dreams and when you’re done with those? Add a few more. Find what encourages and inspires you the most and use that as your guide.

Do what you have to in order to make this project work for you and for it to be FUN.

REMEMBER: Above all else? Be kind and patient with yourself as you set off on this path or exploration. Play. Enjoy. Don’t worry about stumbles or fumbles. It’s not about perfection. It’s about reaching for your dreams with lots of fun, laughter, and love along the way.

Need support? Find a Dream Buddy who will encourage and inspire you as you return the favor.


  • Week of June 4 – 11, 2017: Create your list of Dreams both big and small. You can share your Dreams List if you want. Have dreams that are private? Keep them private. That’s okay, too.
  • June 12 – October 1, 2017: Challenge yourself to tackle your list.  

As You Complete Each One:

  1. Cross completed Dreams off your list
  2. CELEBRATE and reward yourself for your achievement on your social media (write up a blog post, share a pic, give a shout-out in a Tweet, be as creative as you want) using the #OlicityDreamProject hashtag and keep going! Be proud of yourrself for pursuing your dreams.
  3. Finished your list early? That’s okay… Add more dreams and keep going!

WANT TO SHARE YOUR DREAM STORIES?  Feel free to drop them in my “Ask Box.”  If you’re OK with sharing that story on the blog, please say so in the message.  If you want it kept private and NOT shared, please say so in the message.  If you do not indicate a preference, I will assume you do not want it shared.

NEED A DREAM BUDDY? Give me a shout in the Ask Box or on Twitter (whichever you prefer for people to get a hold of you on) and I’ll do my best to keep an updated list on the blog so people can reach out and connect you directly.

P.S. Someone also asked recently if we’re doing the #OlicityTravels Funko Pop Project again, and we 100% are. It will start July 1st. So if you don’t have an Oliver & Felicity Funko Pop, be sure to track yours down and get them soon. I’ll have details on this closer to July.

Prayers, good vibes, positive thoughts, whatever ya got...

My husband takes his Physical Therapy boards tomorrow and we’d appreciate any lovely little thought you have to offer. He’s worked so hard and deserves nothing but the best environment to show what he knows. I know he’s nervous, but so far he’s handling it well. It’s really amazing how far he’s come in the past three years. He’s going to be a great PT.

Fire Fox (Eric X OC)

This is my first Divergent fanfic, so if any of my fellow authors would be willing to read and offer any criticisms or suggestions, I’d appreciate it. Here is the link if you want to read ahead - - please feel free to reblog me!

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Beatrice glanced around the choosing ceremony. The hubbub had died down since she’d chosen Dauntless, and everyone was waiting to hear who would be called next.

“Arianna LaRue.” Marcus called out.

Beatrice scanned the factions, eyes alighting on a girl who stood up in Amity. She strode confidently towards the bowls, her head high. Beatrice was stunned by her. She was tall and athletically built, and even from where she sat Beatrice could see that her eyes were huge and long-lashed, her skin flawless. But her most striking feature, by far, was her mane of red hair. Beatrice instantly thought of a fox, an animal she’d studied in science class; this girl’s hair was the same vibrant shade, and, Beatrice saw, flowed like the mane of a lion, another animal Beatrice had read about.

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

Hello I'm very interested in this because I want to study game development I'm only 15 and still have time but I have zero knowledge of any of the engines and languages and it does seem scary. Can I still join? What can I do? Are there online classes for the use of the engines and languages?

hi there!

1. yes! this jam is for you!

2. you can choose to make a game solo or join a team! this is a really vague question, but if you’re referring to game genres you can pretty much do anything! even pen/paper and physical board games!

3. there are! a lot of free resources and tutorials exist for both many free to use engines and popular coding languages. you might be interested in code academy!

i hope this helps! i realize these answers are vague, but if you want to know specifics you’re free to send another ask with another question!

- lys

anonymous asked:

As someone who travels a lot what are your carry-on essentials? Like have you managed to figure out your "perfect" carry on bag?

Since I usually only travel with carry-on items, I think that I’ve finally perfected the process of packing all of my necessities within my carry-on luggage and one of my Pan Am bags. The stuff that I usually pack in my Pan Am bag is pretty much what I lug around in my purse on a day-to-day basis, because I live the life of a girl adventurer/teen runaway.

Anyway, here is my standard packing list for a three-day weekend:

In my Pan Am bag:

  • iPhone (fully charged, with a fully charged external charger)
  • 3DS (fully charged, with one or two game cartridges)
  • Makeup (nivea cherry tinted lip balm, eyeliner pen, eyeliner pencil, blotting sheets, bb cream with spf)
  • Small moleskine notebook & sharpie pens
  • Light jacket (I’m usually already wearing this thing by the time I get to the airport, y’all.)
  • Digital camera and/or my Instax
  • Camera stuff (a pack of AA batteries, film, SD cards, SD card reader)
  • Boarding pass (physical or digital via iPhone)
  • Wallet (Don’t forget your ID/passport! Also, travel with some cash in your wallet.)
  • Water
  • A handful of hair ties/elastics
  • Compact mirror
  • Tissues
  • Gum
  • Keys

In my carry-on luggage:

  • 2-3 dresses
  • Two tops
  • One skirt
  • Three pairs of underwear
  • Sleepwear
  • Three pairs of tights
  • 2-3 bows & two headbands
  • Small cosmetic bag containing jewelry (1-2 necklaces, 2-4 rings, one pair of earrings, one watch)
  • Travel-sized lint roller
  • Cosmetic bag with makeup & toiletries (2-3 lipsticks, mattifying powder, makeup brushes, concealer, eyebrow kit, mascara, pack of bobby pins, makeup wipes, facewash, moisturizer, travel-sized shampoo/conditioner/bodywash, razor)
  • Brush/detangling comb
  • Phone charger
  • Laptop & charger
  • Flash drive
  • 3DS charger
  • Crossbody purse or a tote bag for daily wear
  • Optional: hairdryer (I rarely pack one, because my hosts usually own one.)

When I’m packing for conventions, it’s pretty much the same packing list, but with dumb costumes and wigs crammed in there too~


Keith repeated this under his breath every time he trained, his muscles echoing almost as if in response to the mantra.

By this point, Shiro had been gone for months now. The remnants of his physical existence on board the castle were nearly gone, however, mentally everyone still remembered.


A hole had been torn, and the hole would not heal until he was back; Keith wasn’t going to let him disappear and die… 

Not again…

He refused to go through that again, he knew deep down he would lose it if he found out -again- that Shiro had died.


Again he sung, swinging and thrusting his blade at imaginary foes. On some days he faced training bots, on others Galran Soldiers, and occasionally… even Zarkon himself.

Their fight had been good for one thing, Keith could now prepare. He had had a taste of the emperor himself, and his hunger would not be satiated until he pierced him with his bayard and let his blood flow endlessly.


Keith knew his bloodthirst would lead him nowhere, however at this point in time, that was his drive, the thing that kept him going.

It was time he stopped fearing the past and the future.

It was time he stopped fearing the part of him that was different.

It was time he stopped fearing the monster he may become.


As if by response to his wishes, his eyes turned golden, his skin began to change hue, and his hair grew lighter.

It was time to stop his fear.



Have a colored picture - it represents Keith’s change in perspective and also I wanted to do a pretty *u* also there’s a reason i don’t do backgrounds but it just didn’t look right without one ;u;

I know Sheith week ended but i’m having too much fun XD And Shiro may not be in the picture but he sure is in the description and the rest of the story so it counts (I hope ಥuಥ).

Day 5: Training/Playful

thewolfofthesky  asked:

Hey T8 my m8, I was wondering what Physical Mixer and FX board you personally use. I would love to mod voice chat and just be an annoying little shit to my friends. Thanks M8!

I use a Yamaha MG10XU. The 10XU has a built in FX board, so it’s all one piece of equipment!

Oh by the way, I graduated last week! I am now Dr. Jasmine Marcus, PT, DPT! It’s pretty surreal still because in the days immediately afterward, I was extremely busy with a boards review class, moving to upstate New York, and now studying for the boards. But yes, graduation happened! It’s the accomplishment I’m most proud of so far, and at some point I hope to share more of my thoughts on the subject. In the meantime, wish me luck as I begin to study for the boards!


Angry!Killian & Angry!Owen requested by Sabs…whom I am convinced just wanted to kill me.

Simple Paradigm Shifting

A paradigm is simply the way we are mentally modeling reality or some aspect of it. We chaotes often get caught up talking about grand theories of information or energy, but you can start really simple to get what this paradigm shifting stuff is all about.

Set up a chess board (or chutes and ladders, mouse trap, or whatever you have handy). Play through the game for a little while. If you’ve got someone to play with, all the better. If not then just play with yourself.

Now pause. You are operating within a paradigm regarding the game. Look at the board and see who it looks like is winning. What could happen on the text move? How can different pieces move on the board? What is up to strategy and what is up to chance?

Now lets shift paradigms up a gear. If you have an opponent, is your opponent letting you win? Are they paying attention to the game and really trying? How good are they at this game? If playing by yourself, are you hoping for one side’s victory over the other? If playing against a computer, how well written is the program? Is it moving pieces randomly? Our attention shifts from the game state to look beyond the state to look at the intelligence responsible for making the board reach that state. The details on the board are suddenly less relevant if we believe our opponent is throwing the game.

This is a compatible paradigm shift. There is nothing particularly jarring because when focused on the rules of the game it implied there was a player, it is just that the nature of the other player isn’t part of the rules of the game. A lot of useful magickal paradigm shifting is of this same sort. It can be as simple as stopping to ask yourself: what am I doing? and why?

Next exercise, let’s shift down a gear. That chess board or other game board is made of something, right? What would it feel like to fall on top of it? How far could you throw it if you’re the sort of person to do that if you lose? We shift away from these pieces being part of a game to instead consider them as physical objects. Sure, the knight in chess moves in ‘L’ shapes, but you could also stack up the rooks one on top of the other and put the knight on top to make a super horsey castle!

There is thinking in terms of the board as simple physics and geometry of solids. What about if you were to put the pieces in boiling water? Or an open flame?

Or lets go out sideways with our paradigm shift. What does the nature of all the pieces being used to protect the King while the Queen is the most powerful piece say about gender dynamics? Does the popularity of chess impact gender roles in our society? This shift in thinking is another sort of paradigm shift.

Practice these shifts for a while: physical board, game state, intent of your opponent, etc. Then pack up the game and look around. What do physically see around you? Where did you put that game when you put it away and what rules were you following? That was a move, what was your intent in doing that? Did everything go smoothly? Or was something in the way? Does it feel like there was a force working against you doing this exercise? interruptions? Can you sense a sort of opponent in the random events of your day? Are they letting you win or playing hard against you?

Remember though, these are just techniques to shift your thinking. Thinking of the world as an opponent may give you courage and determination or it may be a route to paranoia and constant distraction. Shift away by focusing back on the day to day rules and routines of your day or even down to just sitting and being aware of where you are and the simple meaningless sensations of the moment.

Last week I got invited to exhibit my scratchboards in a big pet event that happens during the summer. I’ve thought about it and I don’t believe I have enough time to make enough to fill a whole 10’ x 10’ booth. That being said, I think I should start preparing for next years as well as the other pet expo that happens in the spring.  So if you are ok with me making a scratchboard of your pet and possibly exhibiting it, please reblog or reply to this with what your pets are tagged under! And if you have a particular picture you’d like just link me to that one.  I do some with a lot of detail, such as:

And some that I try to keep very minimal:

The only catch being that once I have exhibited them I probably can’t afford to ship them all to you (depending on how many of you offer I guess), so if you end up wanting the physical board you may have to pay for your own shipping or just wait until I eventually can afford to send them.  Thanks in advance!


Persona 4 Monopoly Update #6 - PHYSICAL BOARD

Guys… Persona 4 The Monopoly is now a real board. :)

As you can see, it’s a modified Monopoly board (from the 1995 Deluxe Edition). I printed out my custom art on adhesive paper and stuck them in the appropriate places. I think it looks nicer than I expected!

Anyway, making the physical board was probably the largest hurdle for the project, so the rest should be easy!

I need to make title deed and chance/community chest cards (the design on those are done) and paper money. I guess tokens are gonna be difficult, but I have a few ideas on that!

though, y’know, despite pretty openly mocking Pearl with that form, Amethyst did not mock or parody her nose in any way, which I appreciate. She very easily could have but she didn’t. And I mean maybe that’s because her basic form was still the same and she could only make clothes and stuff to go over it so she couldn’t alter her nose, but it also just seems like she just wouldn’t? She teases Pearl a lot but pretty much never about her nose. Out of 57 episodes they’ve only ever had one gag about her nose (when Amethyst booped her nose with the party hat as her nose in “So Many Birthdays”) but even then it was more affectionate teasing than mockery.

I just really appreciate that. I’m pretty sure I talked about it before but I really do. I mean, she has a big pointed nose, its a very prominent feature of hers and I feel like any other show would go to that well more often for jokes but SU just pretty much completely refuses to

Flo’s AND Eleanor’s Clothes.

Hey guys. As most of you know, Eleanor finally launched Max’s & her style blog ( I’m completely ecstatic about the outfits and the promise of future content from them, however there is less of a need to continue my extensive work on Eleanor’s Clothes. I have been personal style blogging for a long time and I feel that now is the best time for me to make the switch into a full-time personal style blogger… a.k.a Florencia’s Clothes (now or never right?).

NOW WAIT! This does not mean I’m quitting or deleting the Eleanor blog. I have moved all the style guides to , and will continue to post style guides / affordable similar posts as long as you guys want them. Although Eleanor will no longer be my main focus, I promise to keep up to date on her style over there. I owe it to you guys who have supported this blog for years.

As for Florencia’s Clothes, here is what I’ll be posting:

  • Polyvore outfit sets - they will not be entirely Eleanor-inspired (though she does continue to influence me and I love her outfits), they’ll be a mix of my style and other fashion elements that inspire me. 
  • My style photos - photos of my outfits from my main blog and instagram, as well as updating you guys on my recent purchases.
  • Piece reviews - posts giving you guys my opinions on clothes / shoes / beauty items I’ve purchased and if I think they’re worth buying.
  • Lifestyle - recipes I love to use, exercises I like to do, philosophies that have helped me over the years.. little posts to encourage physical and mental health.
  • Inspiration board style - reblogging street style / editorial looks that are currently inspiring me.
  • Questions - i’m still open to any and all questions you guys have! from outfits to life to random questions you have, I’ll be on it.

This is a huge step for me and one of the most nerve wracking changes I’ve made thus far. Through high school and now college, Eleanor’s Clothes has been there for me and I feel eternally lucky and grateful to be part of a community like this. I understand that you guys have no obligation to care about my life or my style, and all the support over the last few years has helped me more than you’ll ever know.

Growing and changing is inevitable I suppose, but my hope is that we can do it together. I promise to put 100% of my ideas and passion into the future of this blog.. to make things that I’m proud of and that you enjoy.

so stay a while, if you’d like to.

All the love xxx