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Question: I call myself ace. However, I crave stuff like cuddling, etc. that isn't sexual. Dating terrifies me, and I want nothing to do with it. TBH I just want to cuddle with someone. Would you classify this as "ace" still? Thanks!

Totally!  Wanting to cuddle is completely separate from sexual attraction, many aces still want to cuddle.

Below is a helpful(but not complete) list of possible attractions.  One might feel or not feel any of combination of these.  Everyone experiences things differently, but these are meant to help you begin to understand your feelings.  What you described sounds like sensual attraction.

  • Sexual attraction: attraction that makes people desire sexual contact or shows sexual interest in another person(s).
  • Romantic attraction: attraction that makes people desire romantic contact or interaction with another person or persons.
  • Aesthetic attraction: occurs when someone appreciates the appearance or beauty of another person(s), disconnected from sexual or romantic attraction.
  • Sensual attraction: the desire to interact with others in a tactile, non-sexual way, such as through hugging or cuddling.
  • Emotional attraction: the desire to get to know someone, often as a result of their personality instead of their physicality. This type of attraction is present in most relationships from platonic friendships to romantic and sexual relationships.
  • Intellectual attraction: the desire to engage with another in an intellectual manner, such as engaging in conversation with them, “picking their brain,” and it has more to do with what or how a person thinks instead of the person themselves

I thoroughly am disappointed and repulsed by the lust of men. The physicality of this type of love. I detest it, it feels so short lived so temporary. To only crave and desire the body, it seems sad. Sad because there’s so much more to a person than the curves of their body, the smoothness of their skin and how it feels on yours. No, shift your focus to what makes us who we are because there’s so much depth in loving a person’s mind and soul. But who knows… it’s just a thought.

My Pokémon Deck Part 1: How I put it together.

Let me start off by saying the way I made my deck was for me others may have other ways to make it and that’s fine there is no wrong way to make this kind of deck. I just wanted to share just my story, thought process and magical influences while making this fun deck.

            So when I first decided to make this deck while I was away from home in college a week or so to finals, part of me thought buy new cards, then a much louder part of me screamed to wait until I got home, because there were two large zip lock bags bursting at the seams with carefully collected and traded cards. Pokémon cards I traded with my cousins, and two sisters, Cards I snuck into catholic school only to have taken by my teacher and picked up by my mother after school. Cards I gave to my youngest sister when I grew out of them, keeping a small handful up in my room (which I also used). There were two reasons to get those cards over any others. 1) They were free, at this point all my sisters had out grown them and they where packed up safely in the basement. 2) The amount of energy stored in them to me is so much powerful than any ones I could by at the store. And my goodness let me tell you the amount of child like energy they have is amazing, they make a great light and fun deck that’s for sure.

(How the deck is laid out under the cut)

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Tony@Apocalypse: Hey, hey, hey! Your a eevee. You can always make a deal with me and I will convert you to either a physic type or a fire type so you may be cool! @dailysickvictini

Apocalypse: Thanks for the offer!

Apocalypse: Though I like being an Eevee…


Nalu Week Day1: Gifts

‘Really? Something this big as a cupcake?’

'I wouldn’t call it a 'cup'cake anymore!’

Sorta like a birthday giftie to Lucy since people are saying that her birthday is today?

Some traditional work. Scanner wire is missing so had to take it with my phone and fix the colours in PS. Looks better irl. It’s something really quick I wiped up since I have no motivation nor ideas but I have to stay loyal to my ship ,right? hahah

Happy Nalu week everyone!

Worth the War

A/N: Just got the request for this one and I couldn’t help myself. May have cheated a bit and used part of a scene from my actual Thorin/OC fanfiction that you can find here if you are interested in reading more.

Warning: Protective!Thorin, angst, fluff, gold-sickness, and a couple swears

1. Imagine as well as Bard showing Thorin the Arkenstone, he also brings forward his second bargaining chip: you, Thorin’s lover. x

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Rough translation of Best Movie’s interview with Mads Mikkelsen

In Hollywood they like to entrust parts of the villains to British actors, but now, for some reason, I think they need even more peculiar accents. It’s time for us Scandinavians!
Mads Mikkelsen said this proudly, of his role in the part of the evil Kaecilius in Doctor Strange, the second title of Phase Three in Marvel’s cinematic Universe. The star told us about his passion for comics and how he built his ambiguous character.

What attracted you to the role?
Many things, starting with the fact that it is a Marvel production. Anyone who has grown up reading their comics has dreamed, at least once, of taking part. For me the idea of a character who combines magic with the techniques of Kung Fu was really intriguing, and that’s why the director Scott Derrickson did not need to try hard to convince me. I fell in love with the project as soon as I read the script.

Who is Kaecilius?
He is a man who has the same desires of so many others, he wants a better life, not only for himself but also for the rest of the world. For this reason he decided to take a different path than that of the other various characters in the film. Despite it all, really he believes that this is the ideal solution for the common good.

So he does not consider his methods wrong?
Like all interesting bad guys, I hope he has something with which the audience can identify with. His goals are understandable, but it’s his methodology that makes the difference.

Tell us something about his powers?
In the story the characters’ abilities vary greatly, depending on whether they are apprentices or sorcerers. In the course of the film Kaecilius’ powers gradually increase, so we will have to see what happens.

Has the work of humanising a villain like Hannibal helped you to add something to this role?
This is an aspect that is always part of my work as an actor, whether it’s a hero or villain. I need to find flaws, something that is recognisable to the audience. I do not want an entirely good or bad character, it would not be interesting. I need something that makes him relatable.

Did you know the original comics?
Yes, I read them as a kid. It has never been particularly popular, aside from with the Marvel fans. The first issue came out in 1963, a time when people were beginning to ask big questions about life and were ready to experiment as much as possible. Doctor Strange is a product of those times, in which great ideas were going to affect both comics and music. I hope that our film will raise awareness of the character to the general public, because it is a fantastic story.

Are you a reader of comics?
I have always read many and from disparate genres. As a child I spent all my savings to buy them, but then, once I was an adult, I had to stop. In my house I still have a large collection, all sealed in plastic cases. I loved the European artists like Moebius and Bilal.

Earlier you talked about martial arts. Did it help that you were a gymnast in the past?
It was not easy. As you may have noticed, the style of fighting in Hong Kong action movies is designed for people younger than myself or Benedict, therefore is a type of physicality to which I was not accustomed to.
However having studied first as a gymnast and then as a dancer, I know how to jump and twirl in a room. Some movements I succeeded with better than others, I admit, but I hope I got away with it.

There’s a scene that we can expect to see in particular?
Yes, more than one. At one point Benedict and I are leading an amazing fight, so I’m curious to see the final result.

Your brother Lars, also an actor, he has worked with Cumberbatch in an episode of Sherlock, where he tried to beat him but he failed. We can say that you have one thing in common.
You’re right. But, you see, there is a difference between me and my brother. Because I, however, succeed where he failed. Actually, no. Or maybe, I do not remember… (laughs)

One last question: can you tease something about Rogue One?
It is completely different from this film. We are talking about two very iconic universes, on the one hand Marvel and on the other Star Wars. Still, even if it’s gigantic productions, we need to work like in smaller movies and simply concentrate on the scene at hand. And even if there are other people on the set, directors and actors try to isolate themselves to work. I have always worked this way and I think this is also the best way to approach a project of this magnitude.

I can’t help but relate everything to Merlin, can I … ? 

Merlin and Arthur both start their pokemon training at around the same time. Arthur’s extremely interested in pokemon (and expects to be the world’s best trainer considering that his father is a world renowned breeder and is known best for his expertly raised pokemon that keep his gym completely undefeated). When he meets Merlin, the boy asks him what his starter pokemon is. The usually cocky Pendragon is suddenly bashful as he reveals that his world famous father gave him a shiny magikarp of all things to start off his journey. Merlin, of course, can’t help but laugh a little at him. Flustered, Arthur asks him what his first pokemon was. Merlin then goes on to explain that the only reason he didn’t choose charmander was because his father left him an unimaginable amount of dragon pokemon in his will (passing on the dragonlord gift to him as well). Thus, he chose bulbasaur, having always had an interest in plant pokemon (as well as physic-types but that wasn’t exactly an option now, was it?). 

“Well some of us like to catch pokemon ourselves rather than just pick up daddy’s scraps!” Arthur counters.

“Actually,” Merlin continues, “I’ve already caught six using my bulbasaur!”


I’ve been thinking way too much about this …

Pokemon Idea

Ok. So I might get hate for this but I really don’t care because I like the idea of it.

I love Pokemon. I have since I was in first grade. I love the starters, at least most of them. But I think that they need to be changed up a little. Ever since Gen I it’s been Grass, Fire, and Water. Which is great, mind you, for variety and combinations. But I think they should do something different, and here’s where my idea comes in.

First of all, to do this in my head there needed to be three types that did the same thing as those original three- Rock paper scissors effect as I like to call it. One is good against another but bad against the remaining. So after thinking this over, I came up with these three.

Fighting, Physic and Dark.

Fighting is good against Dark and bad against Physic.

Physic is good against Fighting and bad against Dark.

Dark is good against Physic and bad against Fighting.

It’s the same loop with different types. And again, I love the combination they normally used. I just think that, at least where I come from, those three types are incredibly under-used and that they should be shown off in a better way- so why not as starters? I’d be different, it’d be unique, and I think it could greatly widen the range of the designs of starters. Especially the dark type starter. That could be fantastic.

Nintendo I hope you see this post because I just think this would be a really good idea.

Don’t nag me because it isn’t the norm please. It’s just a thought.

And comments?

Edit: I didn’t steal this idea from anyone, I just thought of it myself. So if you had this idea, I swear that I didn’t copy you. Cross my heart. <3