physic type

I thoroughly am disappointed and repulsed by the lust of men. The physicality of this type of love. I detest it, it feels so short lived so temporary. To only crave and desire the body, it seems sad. Sad because there’s so much more to a person than the curves of their body, the smoothness of their skin and how it feels on yours. No, shift your focus to what makes us who we are because there’s so much depth in loving a person’s mind and soul. But who knows… it’s just a thought.

pokemon x sakura haruno

sakura’s pokemon → Medicham,Sylveon,Audino and Mew! (healing/fairy and physic types!) 

man pokemon go makes me think about my childhood of watching pokemon so I’m doing research on all the different types and its leading me to do favourite characters crossover with pokemon so expect a lot more! 

ill probably do team 7,hinata + kushina versions and ill also do knb/hq if i feel like it!

Pokemon Idea

Ok. So I might get hate for this but I really don’t care because I like the idea of it.

I love Pokemon. I have since I was in first grade. I love the starters, at least most of them. But I think that they need to be changed up a little. Ever since Gen I it’s been Grass, Fire, and Water. Which is great, mind you, for variety and combinations. But I think they should do something different, and here’s where my idea comes in.

First of all, to do this in my head there needed to be three types that did the same thing as those original three- Rock paper scissors effect as I like to call it. One is good against another but bad against the remaining. So after thinking this over, I came up with these three.

Fighting, Physic and Dark.

Fighting is good against Dark and bad against Physic.

Physic is good against Fighting and bad against Dark.

Dark is good against Physic and bad against Fighting.

It’s the same loop with different types. And again, I love the combination they normally used. I just think that, at least where I come from, those three types are incredibly under-used and that they should be shown off in a better way- so why not as starters? I’d be different, it’d be unique, and I think it could greatly widen the range of the designs of starters. Especially the dark type starter. That could be fantastic.

Nintendo I hope you see this post because I just think this would be a really good idea.

Don’t nag me because it isn’t the norm please. It’s just a thought.

And comments?

Edit: I didn’t steal this idea from anyone, I just thought of it myself. So if you had this idea, I swear that I didn’t copy you. Cross my heart. <3

Trends are stupid

Why do people have a specific physicality they are attracted to? I don’t even know what kind of a fella’s face I’ll be attracted to until I speak with him and chemistry starts combusting. Yes, I can see if someone’s attractive but how does anyone have a preference for hair color, tats/no tats, beard/no beard – I just don’t get it. I say be open minded and don’t project your transient ideal onto anyone.