beejers93-blog  asked:

Hello there! I recently got a sample of Tarte's mineral bronzer in park ave. princess from Sephora, but I'm almost out...:( is there anything similar but cheaper? Muchas Gracias!

Tarte’s bronzers are to die for, but really pricey!  A great bronzer that will give you the same luxurious effect is Physician’s Formula Bronze Booster.  It will really give your skin a gorgeous glow without looking unnatural or gaudy.  Although they’re not the same style of bronzer (pearls vs. pressed powder), they give the same effect - light bronzing, subtle highlight.

Also, this bronzer is a great option because like Tarte’s, it is oil and talc free, and formulated with minerals.

Physician’s Formula Bronze Booster Pearls - $8


Tarte Mineral Bronzer - $29

monicabowers-blog  asked:

Hi, love love love your blog!! I was wondering if you had any suggestions for mascaras that are good for sensitive eyes and contact wearers?? Obviously Clinique is a high end go to for sensitivity, but how about drugstore brands???

Hi, thanks!!

Neutrogena, Almay, and Physician’s Formula all are great for people with sensitivity.

Neutrogena Healthy Lengths Mascara - $8  (Opthamologist tested)

Almay Get Up And Grow Mascara - $8 (“Made for sensitive eyes; Opthamologist tested)

Physician’s Formula Organic Wear Mascara - $9 (Hypoallergenic and "safe for sensitive eyes and contact wearers”)

Hope that helps you!

rolling-like-a-broken-stone  asked:

what's the best translucent powder that lasts all day? :)

For me, most translucent powders seem to last the same.  However I will say that I think mineral translucent powders seem to keep my face looking the freshest!  For instance I’ve been using the Physician’s Formula Mineral Wear Matte Finishing Veil lately, and it’s working really well!  (I use my own powder brush though, the one that comes with this is too stiff.)d

I also have always loved Rimmel’s Stay Matte pressed powder.  It’s more portable than the PF one, and really absorbs oil well!  

I only ever get the translucent one… the tinted ones oxidize.  :)

garlic-bread-bitch  asked:

what's a good drugstore bronzer? love your blog by the way c:

Thanks! :)

My favorites are by Physician’s Formula, because they are kind on your skin and never look orange, sparkly, or dirty on your skin!  Which is hard to find.  There are a ton of different kinds offered, and every one of them works great!

Other great ones:

NYC Sunny Bronzer

Milani Baked Bronzer

ELF Contouring Blush/Bronzer Duo

chai-tides-blog-blog  asked:

What is the best drugstore mineral makeup?

Physician’s Formula is definitely the best inexpensive brand for minerals that’s not an underground, impossible-to-find company.  Theirs are much more natural than others (like L'Oreal, Maybelline, etc) and work like a dream!

The selection of mineral products is really large.  Check ‘em out!  It’s one of my favorite brands overall :)

itsabrokenhallelujah  asked:

Do you know of a really pigmented barbie pink blush available at a drugstore?

Definitely!  Hot pink can be a difficult shade to find since a lot of people are intimidated by it, but you can definitely get a great shade at an affordable price.

Physician’s Formula Mood Boosting Blush - $10

Wet n Wild Color Icon blusher in Heather Silk - $3

Hard Candy Baked Blush in Living Doll - $5

NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Hot Pink - $6

ELF Studio Blush in Pink Passion - $3

rescueyoutojustdesertme-blog  asked:

what is the best liquid eyeliner do you think?

Physicians Formula 2-in-1 Eye Booster.

It’s the most perfect liquid eyeliner.. perfectly pigmented, applies smoothly, doesn’t flake or smear, and the brush is unique and will make you never want to use another in your life.  On top of that it contains a lash-growing serum that ACTUALLY WORKS… my lashes were broken and damaged severely, and after using this for a WEEK they started healing… within two weeks they were longer and fuller than they’d ever been before!

m00n-gl0w-blog-blog-blog  asked:

Is there any good organic foundations for oily or acne-prone skin?

It’s going to be difficult - if not impossible - for you to find a liquid or cream foundation that’s organic, so powder is going to be your best option.  Powders are a good idea for your skin type, as they will help to soak up excess oil on your face and keep you shine-free, but they’re not going to give perfect coverage over your blemishes. However this is the price you have to pay for going organic… in the end your skin will thank you for not smothering it in thick pastes and chemicals.

The only DECENT organic foundations that I myself have used and enjoyed are from Physicians Formula.  They have a whole line of Organic Wear, that has 100% natural origin.  These are good for your skin and are as effective as you’re going to get!  I would recommend their Organic Wear Loose Powder to you, as this will have maximum coverage.  :)

giselleymesina  asked:

What is the best liquid eyeliner in the drugstore that you've tried and repurchased so many times?

Physicians Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Liquid Liner + Lash Serum

Long name… but oh my GOSH this is the most amazing product.  It honestly made my broken, sparse lashes grow in long, thick and dark again.. fast!  The brush is absolutely perfect for application, giving you a thick line or a thin line, as you wish.  It also glides on smooth and perfectly, dries quickly and doesn’t flake.  

I’ve reviewed it in my review pages,  :)

jessicafae-deactivated20130108  asked:

Can you tell me some liquid eyeliners that dry rather quickly as the ones I buy tend to say that they dry quick but take a long time to dry.

One that instantly comes to mind is NYC Liquid Eyeliner.  It’s my trusty standby and has never failed me.  It’s very inexpensive as well, but works great!

My other favorite eyeliner, Physician’s Formula 2-in-1 Eye Booster, also dries quite quickly!

I find that markers tend to smear, and felt tips are hit or miss - either they dry too quickly and are streaky and uneven, or they take forever to dry and end up all over your eye.  

healyasheck  asked:

How do those bronzing pearls work? :)

(Physicians Formula Bronzing Pearls, fyi everyone else!)

You open up the jar and there are multicolored bronzer pearls inside… light, medium, and dark shades.  All you need to do is use a fluffy powder brush to swirl amongst the pearls, and apply wherever you like!  The different shades of bronze meld together to give you the absolute perfect color, and their texture is luxurious - not glittery or too sparkly, but not so matte that it looks dirty.  They look and feel like your natural skin!  And they’re non comedogenic, and kind to your complexion.  :)

courtneylovesmakeup-deactivated  asked:

Can you do a review on your favorite drugstore bronzer? :)

Just ONE?!?!

….I suppose that my favorite drugstore bronzer is… oh gosh commitment is scary… Physicians Formula.  I can’t choose just one.  I really can’t!  Top picks:

PF Happy Booster - this is the “bronzer” shade, but they have several shades for blush!  These are INCREDIBLE in so many ways… the packaging is stellar, obviously.  They aren’t super pigmented (which I really like, personally… keeps me from looking like a damn carrot), and aren’t orange.  They give you the perfect shade of bronze with the perfect finish - not completely matte, but not glittery - just a really natural glow.  Plus this bronzer comes with a little bit of blush in that solitary pink heart!  Smells like violets. Blendable and smooth…. I could go on.

Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Bronzer    This is so blendable, so natural looking… and natural, in general.  NO harsh chemicals, no fragrances, parabens or synthetics… GREAT for sensitive skin, and definitely won’t break you out!

Pearls of Perfection Bronzer    THESE are just incredible.  Such soft, natural color… you’d never be able to tell that your ‘tan’ was fake.  These are more matte, but not completely… they give a satin finish, and make dull skin look bright and healthy!  They’re fragrance and oil free, and super easy to use.  LOVE!

painful--secrets-blog  asked:

what is the best liquid eyeliner from the drugstore and a regular eyeliner a smooth one that goes on easy?

Best drugstore liquid liner:  Physicians Formula Eye Booster 

(It’s a lash growing treatment that WORKS as well as the most amazing liner)

Pencil Eyeliner… I hate pencils, but my favorite is Revlon Colorstay’s.  If you want a super creamy one, definitely try Maybelline’s Eye Studio Lasting Drama.  It’s actually a gel liner, but in the form of a pencil!

beauuutyfromtheeast  asked:

hi ! do you know of any inexpensive bronzers that work really good ? not too much of an orangey color ? thanks <3

Physicians Formula has the BEST bronzers in my opinion… they’ll never break you out, and they’re BRONZE, not oompa-loompa.  There are so many different kinds, from baked bronzer to shimmer strips, and they all are lovely.   You can get some that are matte, some that have shimmer, some with highlight and some with blush.  I can’t recommend them highly enough!

mintbuffalo  asked:

I've taken all of your advice, and I've had so much success. I bought the Aveeno tinted moisturizer and it's been awesome. I also bought the Biore face wash that you recommend and my blackheads have practically disappeared. I also bought the PF eyeliner thing, and oh my goodness! My eye lashes have gotten so much thicker. I don't even wear mascara most days. So thank you for everything. <3

That’s amazing!  I’m so so glad that you’re having good results :D  That really made my day, thank you!! :)

beauuutyfromtheeast  asked:

hi ! (: i absolutely LOVE your blog ! <3 & i was wondering if you can recommend a good bronzer for fair to medium tone skin ? thanks so much ! :D

Thank you hon!  I definitely recommend getting Physicians Formula bronzers… they’re the best, period, but they also come in light options so you can have a pretty tan glow - not an orange one.  They’re the best, all around.

^ My favorite, their Bronzing Pearls

allthatshinesisntgold  asked:

What is an affordable mineral foundation that works well

Physicians Formula is my favorite, because it actually works and isn’t just a gimmick like most mineral foundations are.

They also have cream mineral foundation:

I also like Revlon Colorstay Aqua foundation… it’s unlike anything I’ve ever used, and I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t like it.