Kol Mikaelson is monster and will never change.

Wait until the moment kol mikaelson gets what he wants, then watch him turn into  angelus, cause that is who he is like  …..  and that will never change.

Davina doesn’t know him…  really, hes a monster  worse than klaus, he is a physcopath…  and one way or another davina will find out. Be worried very worried.

He slaughtered an entire hall of  people  at a play for absolutely no reason. He massacred an entire church to get what he wanted. He kills people for no reason…other than he likes it…I think allot have people have forgotten this… or just haven’t scene it… or haven’t watched the vampire diaries. (via  maliayukimura)

Wait,what? Kol was…a killer? He used to kill.. people? For fun? THAT IMPOSSIBLE! THE SERIES HAS NEVER SHOW US THAT! THIS IS BRAND NEW INFORMATION!

Oh, wait, ….

IT HAS!!!!

But like, it has never been actually addresses right! Nobody on the show has ever talked about how much of a murderer he is right?

I mean, Davina can’t possibly know all the stuff he has done right? She has never been inside his mind or anything right?

And there has never been an explanation about WHY he was the way he was right? No explanation at all.

KOL: Yeah. None of my siblings had tapped into their power. I was a bit of a child prodigy! I loved it. I loved the power, I loved the rush… and then, when we turned, I lost it all. Went through a bit of a dark period.

DAVINA:  A thousand years?

KOL: Yeah, well, I’m a thrill-seeker. I couldn’t get that from magic anymore, so I looked elsewhere.

DAVINA: Yeah. Murder, mayhem…

KOL: Yeah, youthful misadventures! I actually spent quite a lot of time with witches.

And of course he is only using her, he does not care about her at all.

I mean, it´s not he has ever risk his life for her, or anything, especially not when he was in a much more weak body.

He facing his father MIKAEL, and those werewolves, nope, that was an hallucination we all had.

His caring for her is just an act, right? and he only does this when she can see him, doesn´t he?

Because it´s not like she could ever understand him, she could never loved him completely.

So yeah, he is a monster  worse than klaus, he is a physcopath… cause that is who he is like  …..  and that will never change.

That is the face of a monster,right? SOMEONE WHO CAN NEVER CHANGE.

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When the hell is Elena getting her memories back? Is she gonna take the cure and remember them? Because I miss Delena. All the passion. All the intensity. All the lust. All the chemistry. I miss the good old Delena and it’s just not the same. They ruined it with the whole “the only memories I have of you are you being physcopath but it’s fine, I’ll love you again after like two mediocre episodes compared to the five fucking years of glorious build up” thing. They should’ve never taken her memories away in the first place.