My gastropod collection…..all dextrally coiled gastropods ……hope that will find one sinistrally coiled one ie..physa…..and there is also one that is uncoiled which is called semitubina sakoi

I have pond snails in my 55 gallon tank (though not a whole lot I can see, since I don’t feed my remaining 4 fish too much), so instead of squishing them as I normally do I took two breeder sized snails and put them in a 2-ish gallon plastic tank along with a bunch of plants I wasn’t happy with and would have just thrown out anyways. I like to think of it as a warrior’s death for them.

It’s also an experiment to see how quickly pond snails reproduce and how well the bacopa and crypt do in unheated, unfiltered tanks.

So, in about 3-4 days, I had at least 3 egg cases that I could see, each with pretty decent development. Since the snails are hermaphroditic, each of those can lay eggs. That’s how they overrun tanks so quickly.

Besides the bacopa, I also put in a single crypt which my coworker gave me… it basically turned brown and wilted in his 20 gallon (but remained alive for… 9 months or so) and failed to improve in my betta tank, which is filtered and heated. In this little plastic bin of water? It’s turning a healthy green and attaching to driftwood. I wasn’t even aware crypts did that. Very interesting!