“Don’t date a girl who reads because girls who read are the storytellers. You with the Joyce, you with the Nabokov, you with the Woolf. You there in the library, on the platform of the metro, you in the corner of the café, you in the window of your room. You, who make my life so god damned difficult. The girl who reads has spun out the account of her life and it is bursting with meaning. She insists that her narratives are rich, her supporting cast colorful, and her typeface bold. You, the girl who reads, make me want to be everything that I am not. But I am weak and I will fail you, because you have dreamed, properly, of someone who is better than I am. You will not accept the life that I told of at the beginning of this piece. You will accept nothing less than passion, and perfection, and a life worthy of being storied. So out with you, girl who reads. Take the next southbound train and take your Hemingway with you. I hate you. I really, really, really hate you.” - Charles Warnke

Thanks to the tumblrer, phyrros for sharing this on the post where I had posted the very well known piece, “Date A Girl Who Reads” by Rosemarie Urquico. This particular piece is by Charles Warnke. This was the first writing of his that I had ever read, but after exploring his work further I am now a definite fan. Check him out. :)


Plymouth Phyrros : 

The fragile girl who acts like a million-year old gold. The third daughter of Hydra, a half to Acquea. Plymouth and her twin sister was having their training in Brooklyn, New York. Hydra found them interesting when she saw Plymouth’s skills. So, Hydra brought the two girls in her hide out and considered them as her own offsprings. She’s one of the great agents that was sent to investigate people whose selling drugs.

{La beauté est un don de Dieu, elle est un don de Dieu.}

Acquea Phyrros : 

The girl who thinks and act like a boss. The fourth daughter of Hydra, a half to Plymouth. She act very different from her twin sister. She likes to say, “I’m beautiful.” Her duty was to keep on eye on the security cameras in the Incorporated. She’s funny, and she loves to share secrets to her family. She’s a loyal girlfriend and soon to be engaged to be married. 

{Jugez rien par l'apparence. Le plus beau, le serpent, le plus funeste de son aiguillon.}

The sweetest twin-partnership of the Phyrros clan. Loving, sweet, unique, but tougher fighters than expected. Their relationship can never be replaced by anything. Being together is the main source of their power, and that, that will truly be true forever.

Meeting the twins in Brooklyn, New York.

In Brooklyn, New York.

“So, you’re looking for more teenagers, right Hydra?” That’s Mr. Morgan, Jeremy Morgan, he have a lot of shares in this company so I can’t complain why he’s treating me like this. I won’t blame his attitude, it was me. It was my fault why his daughter was killed. Kate Morgan, my rival at school and here. I tapped my pen on the table gently and murmured, “Sort of.” I’m not sure about it, I’m contented with Wendy and Cara. “Well then, sounds good to me. I know you could do better.” Oh, show off. I stood up and left. As I walk out from the company, Kuya Lager appeared. “Hey, sister.” There he goes again. “Yes, Kuya?” I looked at him. He handed a folder to me with some informations. “Ceaque and Karhea St. Ives, they are twins. As you can see, you can adopt them and teach them to improve their skills.” I opened the folder and examine their files. “Thanks for this, Kuya. I’ll see you guys later.” He bid me good bye.

I took my car keys and drove off into this abandoned building where they are hiding. After a couple of minutes, I had arrived into this hideout and walks inside. I saw them on a training? “Oh my god. They look like an professional agents to me. Ugh, Kuya..” I hissed as I leaned back on the wall and watched them. “Distraction can be such a bad thing sometimes.  It can lead to things that you didn’t expect was coming.” The girl with the brownish hair said, that must be Karhea. “Oh, really Twin? No one could ever distract my senses.” And, that must be Ceaque, the black hair one. Then Ceaque’s phone rangs. “Oh, come on, not now.” She murmured and she answers it with a hello and talks to someone I don’t even know. “Yeah, I would be coming later, see you.” She hangs up. Karhea shouts, “Damn it, Ceaque! We’re in the middle of the training and your boyfriend called to say you should meet him?!” She hissed. “I won’t be there today, Karhea. Trust me and–Who are you?” She turned her head at my direction as a gesture that Karhea should look at me too.

“I’m Hydra. Hydra Phyrros.” They seems to be puzzled. “I came from Manchester, United Kingdom but I moved here to look for some abandoned teenagers.” I said. “And, what are you going to do with abandoned teenagers?” Karhea emphasizes the word, Abandoned teenagers. “Adopt them and put them in a training to be an agent.” They seems shocked. “Then, what are you here?” Ceaque asked me. I’m getting bored with these questions. “My brother told me about your skills and about your life. Let us get this straight, I want to help you improve your skills, girls.” Hmm, Karhea’s skills were good and Ceaque’s strategies helps a lot, I said to it myself. They were thinking. Thinking if they would reject my offer, they would regret about it.

“Why should we put our trust in you?” They both said, “Because I would able to clean your appearance, everything.” They looked to each other and having an eye contact. “Alright, we have decided. We accept your offer, Miss Hydra. But, what should we do first?” Ceaque asked me. “First thing? I’ll change your names. Your names were too mainstream.” Karhea claps her hands together and mumbled, “Oh! I know! How about Ceaque would be Acquea and I would be Plymouth Phyrros? How was that?” She’d mention some unique names. “Alright, let’s go girls, before someone see us.” I said.

“Wait.” Acquea said. I look at her. “Should we call and treat you like our own mother?” I nodded as my response and we drove off from the abandoned building.


Lager Phyrros :

The eldest child of Star. He’s really close to girls because of his well-mannered attitude. He’s funny, giggly, and a responsible son. “You’re handsome.” – just say those words and you’ll be definitely treated like a king / queen in no time. He’s sweet, caring and supportive. When it comes to serious businesses; serious it is.

{Il font des promesses si réel}

Beau Phyrros :

The talkative and entertaining son of Star. He’s 2 hours younger than Lager, and 3 hours older than Hydra. His nieces are fund of teasing him to his wife. For them, he’s a loyal and hard-working husband and can definitely be a good father. He’s a younger version of Lager.

{Un homme de bien, est un bon mari.}

The two sons of Star, nephews of Shaun, triplets of the Phyrros, and the protective brothers of the rest.


Starbucks Phyrros :

The head / the mother of the Phyrros clan. She’s an extraordinaire leader who will never give up though times are getting rough. She knows that being an agent is a life-wasting job but a good way to help improve the generation. She’s the mother of Hydra, Lager, and Beau. A sister to Shaun and grandma to her grandchildren ( who were actually adopted). She never speaks about his ex-husband and don’t have any plan on marrying another.

{Elle est l'un des meilleurs chefs de file dans le monde.}

Shaun Kevin Phyrros :

The strict father of the clan. A brave man, a listener, a leader, a brother, and a guardian to everybody. He wants everyone to have a happy life after the different trials. What he do is always good for everybody. He’s a fun-to-be-with man; he will always be.

{Un ange dans le déguisement drôle.}

Hydra Phyrros :

The mother of Wendy, Caravella, Plymouth, Acquea and Max. She likes adopting and training people to be their agents. She looks young just like her children, that’s because she’s less than 25 years old when she started adopting. She’s a supportive, yet a strict mom to everyone. Her beauty and intelligence are comparable to her mother, and her uncle Shaun. She is a really one tough fighter; without basing it on her sweet looks.

{Une fille peut faire mieux que un homme.}

They are the three people behind those approvals and rejections going on inside the agency. They decide who and who will not going to be their trusted partners. They know how to treat everybody right, and that’s treating each one as a member of their own big happy family.


Years ago, clans and families are all united and decently living. Expectations and high standards were known and a must-be-recognized policy due to the disciplinary methods of each region or countries.

There was these girls named, Plymouth, and Acquea, who are known to be the twin orphans of Egypt. They live by themselves because their parents left them out in nowhere. Plymouth was 5-hours older than Acquea. The mysterious thing going on is that, they don’t look like Egyptians. Critics thought that they were somehow cursed or sold by an American couple, in which, no one knows; even the twins cannot answer the unsolved mystery.

Due to feeling out-of-place, they both decided to leave their region and find the answers to each of their questions. They traveled miles and miles away. Then suddenly, different animals attacked them, and from that point, they both agreed that they need to train themselves to be able to survive.

They met a girl named Caravella, a talented and skillful girl who’s only 2 years older than the twins. She knows how to do some karate, kung fu, and different styles of self-defending. Interactions and connections were made. They made their own family, the Phyrros. After years of traveling, Hydra, a daughter of an agents corporation president was looking forward to see the three girls. With her brothers, Beau and Lager, they told Star (their mother) about the girls that were rumored as the best street fighter in Northeast Africa.

After the rendezvous of the team, they introduced Wendy and Max. The two street fighters who are well-known in Southwest Africa. Wendy’s a year older than Caravella, and Max is 4 years younger than Acquea. Beau and Lager were their trainers and were the highly known agents in Southern America. They know what and how to do the works neatly.

Shaun, the brother of Star, is a very strict man in terms of the safety of all. At first, girls turning into agents are not in his vocabulary. Further arguments and deals were made by Hydra, Star and, Shaun. But still, at the end, even though he already agreed on accepting female applicants, deep inside him, it’s still against his will to see women and kids being hurt by people who are really harmful not only to the agents, but to the entire human race.

They were assigned in Western Asia for a small research and investigate how does people cooperate to the government. Wendy found a child inside a chapel and adopted it. She named it Shea. Star was at first shocked but then, still said yes and accepted the child due to Hydra’s own reasons and defense.

As a team, they all have their agent numbers as their name in the agency, but then, decided to use Phyrros because of the impressive works of the three.