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I am not sure how I feel about this....

This is just here to ask you all (my followers) to pop in your 2 cents (canadian’s I am sorry you have to pop in 5 cents!*)

Also please note this does involve activities that normally would be rated on a X scale in movies, so if that sort of thing bothers you, please do not read. Also concerns Furries.

For those of you who haven’t noticed my icon, or figured it out, or don’t know me personally. I AM A FURRY! Yup proud, noble, majestic, and a HUGE GOOF BALL! Being a Furry means a lot of different things to different people. To me it means that I accept A LOT of things, and keep my whiskers out of many things. So starting a discussion on something I saw recently is not normally like me ‘cuz I hate conflict I am just confused and want others opinions. I just don’t get how people work some days.

Recently I decided to watch a couple of tumblr blogs dedicated to bad construction of fur suits, and one of them was a Murrsuit blog (Murrsuits are kinda the reason I am sad to be labeled as a furry, you can see many on them on the CSI episode Fur and loathing. But basically they are used for sexual acts.)

Now the owner and operator of Anthro Con has for years been trying HARD to get the furry community a better wrap after our huge downfall with that CSI episode. So knowing this, is it REALLY a good idea to post photos of Murrsuits on tumblr, or the net any ways?

There is a photo of two suits I LOVE I ADORE the suits, I had no clue they were murrsuits when I met the suits and happily hugged them. I have seen them a few times and watched videos with them on youtube. I would never guess! They were clean and smelled good (ie like they just came from a bath). What did concern me and make me question this blog is this… I saw a comment that another person made stating they will “never hug a murrsuiter!” WHAT?! How is that different from hugging a friend who is into BDSM? Or Fecal play? Or any other horrible kink?

So here is where you put in your 2 or 5 cents! What do you think? Is it a good idea to post the suits that in there private bedroom life do more then make people smile with a wave? Would you hug a known Murrsuiter?

Personally if they want it known they will post it and tell the public them selves, and honestly I have people I know personally who are into way KINKIER things then wearing a huge rug to bed! (seriously that is what these things feel like) and I hug them and love to hang out with them and don’t hold it against them.

Maybe people are just taking things too far? In all aspects!

*Canadian’s don’t have Pennies anymore so we need to round things down. And as it is 2 cents normally we would round down, but as in “penny” candy, in less you take 5 of them, 1 will still cost you a nickle!

This is my child working on her own cross stitch piece. She still has issues stopping and starting the projects on her own so she does this in my office with me. As you can see she is still in her PJ’s and how we spent most of Saturday. I working on Epic Pokemon and she working on this. She is becoming quite the little stitcher. When she finished this project I am thinking about getting her something a bit bigger. Maybe one of the small projects I liked as a kid.

Anyways pardon the decapitated bin of ponies. that is my bait bins for the custom ponies I make. And look the pattern for my hand paws apparently fell off of the desk it was on…. oops.