more Kyluxma headcanons!
  • Phasma knows everything about Hux and Kylo, and has since they all first met. Specifically, she’s always known that Kylo is Leia’s son and never gave a shit; for her, ties of the blood are meaningless compared to those made by choice.
  • Kylo is achingly gentle in bed. Like, painfully so. He doesn’t give any thought to people he has no connection with, but Hux and Phasma are people he loves and adores. He’s terrified that he doesn’t know his own physical strength and since both Hux and Phasma are Force-blind they wouldn’t be able to protect themselves if he pushed too hard (nevermind that Hux is an expert in pressure points and Phasma could easily take him down without batting an eye). It takes them a long time to convince Kylo that they can take whatever he gives, and that they can fight back if it gets to be too much.
  • Favorite body parts – Phasma: Hux’s jaw, Kylo’s lips. Hux: Phasma’s eyes, Kylo’s nose. Kylo: Phasma’s shoulders, Hux’s hair.
  • Phasma has eyerolls down to an art. Thanks to her helmet, she’s perfected her eyeroll with Kylo and Hux’s unknowing help. It’s one of her favorite way to tease them, because they can feel when she does it, but neither can call her on it (especially in public). She usually does it when they’re arguing or baiting each other, so when they know she’s rolling her eyes at them, they stop bickering immediately.

Good morning! I’m frustrated with my WIPs, decided to take a wee break and try to write a couple of little different things. So here’s a quick bit of … phylux? Kyluxma? Whatever we’re calling it? (edit: now on ao3.)

“Careful, Ren,“ Hux murmured, and he pushed pale fingers into Ren’s hair, gripped down and steadied his pace. Ren’s groan was a rush of breath, a low rumble, and Phasma slapped her hand down over Hux’s to feel it again. Ren responded beautifully, worked his tongue slower but deeper, straining with little muffled sounds of effort and pleasure.

Phasma was sure he’d never been with a woman before, but what Ren lacked in experience he made up in breathless enthusiasm - keener to please than even Hux, who was driven by a nervy perfectionism in the bedroom as much as anywhere else in his life. They both took direction well.

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Kyluxma headcanon #2

Hux and Phasma love their partners fiercely, but they compartmentalize their emotions because of their military upbringings and the need to keep the others safe from anyone who would use their relationship against them.

Kylo, on the other hand, tries to follow their lead and compartmentalize, but because his emotions are so much more volatile, his love for Hux and Phasma sometimes clouds his judgment and earns him looks from other First Order people.

Hux and Phasma have been trying to help teach him how to hide those particular emotions in public, but he doesn’t fully understand why they have to hide them in the first place.

This relative innocence actually endears him more to them both.