Monday Check-In! (Stolen from @phyllisnefler!)

Obsessing over: All the things I need to do before leaving at the end of the month and the short amount of time to do them in. Also obsessing about how I’ll be (kinda) unemployed in 3 weeks. I have worked solidly since I was 15 years old. I’m in a weird head space this morning. 

Working on: Fixing our office’s telephones. All of the calls seem to go to the fax machine.

Thinking about: how I can’t drink coffee after noon. I didn’t go to sleep until 5:45am this morning, folks. Today’s gonna be a good day!

Anticipating: Power-walking with Ali, per my training schedule (it’s a cross training day). Today, I need to do the following:

  • 45 minutes of power walking
  • Attempt 2 1-minute planks; as well as 2 1 minute side planks
  • 50 pushups
  • 50 situps
  • 50 squats
  • 50 walking lunges

Listening to: the soothing sounds of the keyboards

Drinking: Coffee (will I never learn!) and water

Wishing: That time would slow down for just. one. second. 

Happy Monday, folks!

phyllisnefler-deactivated201201 asked:

How do you feel about this season of Top Chef: Texas? [I'm a native Texan. I'm getting sick of them referencing bbq, chili, etc...]

Videogum’s recaps articulate my feelings far better than I can, and I’m me! However, last night’s ep:

Ed, it’s heat stroke, not climate change. It happened, and it’s real - let it go. 

[ETA: Fuckin Beverly, man. Give her a cookie, some tissues, and send her to a place her tender incompetent soul can handle.]

Overall I think there’s a decent talent pool (sorry Josea you’ll still be the bottomest top chef), but every season gets a tad cornier and more riddled with gimmicks….please leave twitter out of it, Cohen. 

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True story: I once did karaoke to Regulate by Warren G. We are such bad bitches. ;)

girl. haha I always sing this song at karoake. 

The ending part “I’m tweaking into a whole new era, G Funk step to this I dare ya…” never plays with the music but I do it anyway EVERY.SINGLE.TIME lol. The karaoke guy just has to sit there and wait til I’m done. haha


Nothing like a dance party in my pjs with these girls! No seriously, I was just dancing. #cookietime #troopbh #phyllisnefler

phyllisnefler replied to your post: dear men,

Yep, girls do this SO MUCH and I refuse to play into that BS!

yeah, i just wish more people were happy with themselves for the way they are at this moment. ya know?

I’m not saying people shouldn’t want to better themselves, but you still need to be happy with who you are right now, not who you’re gonna be when you’ve lost 10 pounds or once you get a boob job…

that’s all i’m saying.

phyllisnefler replied to your post: There are meat markets called La Michiocana around Dallas… I swear you can get the BEST marinated fajita meat there. LEGIT.

The beef fajitas are THE BOMB for real. My dad buys fajita meat from there a lot. I swear, I’d give up my first born one day for those. That’s how good they are.

that’s how i feel about the tacos at that gas station taqueria I go to. they are the BOMB.COM.

no lie.

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We might be sisters. I was getting so frustrated with people on that For Rent show. PEOPLE ARE DUMB.

For Rent?  I guess I haven’t seen that one yet…but i was seriously yelling at the people on the love it or list it show.  they like blamed the designer because she couldn’t expand the house like she originally told them because the zoning wasn’t approved.  it wasn’t her fault!  they were such assholes!!

(apparently I’m still pissed…lol)