phyllis barbour nesmith


Girlfriend & Muse

Phyllis Ann Barbour Nesmith [30.07.46 - 10.02.10]

I was along for the ride. I happened to be married to someone who was in that position. I think it was very tough… I think it was hard to have a normal life and maintain some stable values. You have a loss of privacy and a distortion of personal identity.” - about being married to Michael Nesmith

I think probably the neatest thing [about Mike being a Monkee] was that it exposed me to some interesting people. Booted us into an echelon where we met some interesting folks.

Since I’ve been married I have been a complete person. Before I think I was a half person. Phyllis now makes up my other half and makes me whole.” - Michael Nesmith

Naturally there was some interesting byproduct. The fame and money. None of which were particularly important to me. Even as I look back, I realise how unimportant it was to me.