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Could you describe what's in those movies you just posted? They are unavailable in my country but the preview pics look cool!

The first one was a music video to PZ set to “Save the Worlds” 

The second is a series of sneak peeks at new episodes where:

1. Phyllis Con

2. Penn needs to find 2 more shards in the infinite multiverse in hopes of finding/rescuing his parents

3. Buff Penn fairy gets beat up and Sashi’s cool with it

4. Fairy Rippen is a chair gdi I’m crying

5. Penn is a pirate and parrot Sashi is not amused with his pirate talk

6. Penn has a crush on Boat Pirate Maria and she’s adorable

7. Sashi’s parents discover her secret and her dad needs to watch his language

8. Kobayashi shenanigans in Star Trek universe

9. Old Man Middleburg needs money for Phyllis comics



The unreleased posters are up! Just kidding. Recreating a retro poster for CAROL, dir. Todd Haynes just because. Haha.

Clearly not the best editing skills and omfg I misspelled Jake’s last name!

#Let’s talk for a moment about this incredible actress Phyllis Logan and her character Mrs. Elsie Hughes now Mrs. Carson #This scene lasts a few seconds (exactly two seconds in the ep) #And in these two seconds the expressions and emotions that she communicates to us are:
#1 happiness for the fact that what she said is important to him #2 understand the depth of the moment and that will be a unique and rare situation among them #3 the realization that this will probably be the last time that she can talk to him so freely #4 the sadness that appears in her eyes and in her smile at the realization that she is going to lose him. #All of this in a two seconds scene #And you know that she is great #Phyllis Logan is one hell of an actress #one of the best *drop the mic* 

The Carsons on "A Happy Marriage"
  • Mrs. Hughes:A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.
  • Mr. Carson:Happy is the man who finds a true friend, and far happier is he who finds that true friend in his wife.

Phyllis with Violin (1915). James McBey (British, 1883-1959). Oil on canvas. Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museums.

McBey was commissioned to paint this portrait of the young violinist Phyllis Allan (later Lady Langley-Taylor). She was captivated by the artist and for several years sent him publicity photographs of herself and programmes of her performances. Although McBey did not have an ear for music, the technical aspects of stringed instruments fascinated him.