For all the people who seem to be in dire need of a reminder or two (or more) because, while I agree that Mashima has shown some homophobic streaks with Bob or Sugarboy for example (who/what has also something to do with why I believe Freed to be bi or pansexual rather than gay but that’s a whole different story) I personally wonder how people can honestly say that Fraxus is just a joke or that Freed has turned into one whenever it comes to Laxus. No actually I don’t wonder, it’s the anime’s faut and that people seem to like focusing on comedy relief majorly, what a pity.

Why not start with the current ARC?

Freed is genuinely worrying about him and this panel also shows how well he knows Laxus, already guessing (but for once hoping that this is not the case) that Laxus will do everything in his power to win and help even if he must sacrifice himself/his health.

Here we have Laxus worrying genuinely. Plus, for all those people who still go ‘Freed would never deny Laxus/he blindly does everything what he says’. HERE. One of MULTIPLE evidences that this is bullcrap lmfao goodbye.

Dammit, Freed is a leader. The leader of the Raijinshuu. Self-proclaimed Captain with great confidence. Self-proclaimed 'bodyguards’. If he’d blindly do everything Laxus says then he’d a) be a hella bad bodyguard and b) a hella BAD FRIEND which he is soooooooo not.


Some people have joked here that Freed dumped Sting so he can go search for Laxus but that’s not true either. Sting has STATED that Freed helped him to find his way and then, when they both thought it’d be safe to part ways, Freed probably left to go and search for Laxus. Because he hasn’t seen him since he left and of course he wants to make sure that he is safe.

Turned out he still hasn’t met Laxus by now and is fighting opponents instead right now alongside with Bixlow.

Oh yea, can’t you see Freed’s just a joke for Laxus? So much joke that he swear to revenge him?

And Freed friggin saved Laxus’ ass. Which Laxus is hella grateful for. You don’t hear such a compliment out of Laxus’ mouth very often and, once again, it shows the trust and support they have for each other. This was fucking great even though it would have been even better if Freed had been there in person.

S-Class Trial. And the moment he said this he already knew that it’s not true because he decided to throw the fight and lose on purpose. Bc he felt like he and Bixlow owed Cana and Lucy for what happened during the Battle of Fairy Tail. If this doesn’t fucking say a lot about Freed.

This is one of TWO slightly comical scenes. And even here it’s honestly just pure happiness that Laxus is finally back. Unfortunately I don’t have the second one of this nature saved but this missing panel was on Tenrou too so- yep, these TWO panels (wow, sooo many! in a 400+ chapter manga!) are the only panels that border on this comedy relief that’s picked up more often in the anime for the sake of the amusement factor, NOT for being in character or representing the character correctly.

And these friggin pages man.

Freed talking against Laxus again. Yea this has happened very early in the series already guys.

And look how this saddens him, look how much it affects him. To see Laxus this desperate. Now that he himself has woken up from this blindess and this bad plan he had probably hoped that he could convince Laxus somehow but Laxus is so desperate and deep into this that it just doesn’t work this way. It HURTS Freed to see Laxus like this.

Some funny drunk and protective Freed and Gajevy shippers get satisfied too. Also adorable confused Laxus.

Here is, again cough, Freed talking against Laxus. And again he’s so damn worried, he doesn’t want Laxus to endanger himself so much. But… well.

Freed’s scream just makes my heart ache…

And even though he’s sick as hell he has to make sure that everyone knows that Laxus saved the town. I’m glad that Makarov thanked Freed for bringing the five of them back home safely because Freed probs wouldn’t have given it any importance himself since he puts his loved ones’ safety before his own. But yea- he brought them all back while suffering mental and phyiscal pain, on the verge of death. Yet he needs to make sure that Laxus gets the credit he deserves, that he did something good, that he saved people (or so Freed thought at this moment).

'This guy is hopeless’. I think this speaks for itself.

Look at his face. Look at his face when he realizes Laxus is back from his exile.


He’s so sad when Laxus leaves… but Laxus smiles…

… but no he keeps his hope up knowing that they will meet again. And he smiles. He will wait for him but keep on living his own life, strengthening the bonds he has at Fairy Tail while knowing Laxus will be back one day.


I don’t think just anyone would have dared to casually tell Laxus something along the lines of 'Don’t get cold feet now’ aka don’t wimp out now in this time, and not today either.

And this hug was so important for all four of them, honestly. Coincidence that Freed gets an extra panel? Who knows.


So much faith and support.

One of many evidences how much respect Laxus has for Freed, even back then in his bad phase and that says a lot.

Freed supporting Laxus.

Cheering on his bae.

And he’s so

super worried as he sees Laxus struggle.

Like he knows something is up, this can’t be. He still believes in him.

But he’s still worried.

Again protective bae.

Another casual reminder that Freed is the team’s leader and they choose to support Laxus whenever they can.

No, I have not skipped any of those ridiculous and unfitting comedy moments the anime has. There’s the TWO I have mentioned above and by now I am really disliking those anime additions that give people distorted views of how Fraxus and/or Freed are and work.

There’s more panels PLUS great spin off ones but I think this post is long enough already. Fraxus and Freed especially need some more damn respect from the fandom. Laxus and Freed are two complex and great characters who trust each other with their lives and understand and respect each other. Love each other. Be it platonic or romantic.

some genyatta fluff

Some genyatta stuff I speedwrote like 3 days ago when I was really passionate about the genyatta stuff. Posting it because why not.

It’s a first kiss, start of relationship sort of deal, because those are my favorite stories to hear and tell. So, ye. Here. If I publish this somewhere im probs gonna call it “It Was Easy” because my titles blow.


It was obvious that Genji was exhausted. His breath came in heavy pants long after he sat down next to Zenyatta. He said he’d been soaked with sweat for the past hour— which wasn’t something anyone on the outside could be aware of with Genji. Zenyatta felt some guilt for working him so hard; but then, Genji had asked. It seemed he had some kind of plan that required him being at his best, but he wouldn’t share it with Zenyatta beyond that.

That was fine. Zenyatta was his master, his teacher, not his confident or family. Genji could have secrets.

That logic didn’t stop Zenyatta from worrying.

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I just love Minkowski. While she can be super no-nonsense sometimes, she actually does have such a great, if subtle, sense of humor. and like, even in the early eps, it’s so evident that she and Eiffel care for one another!!! it just melts my heart…

Like, in episode 4 she puts her life on the line to save Eiffel (despite Hilbert’s protests that it’s too risky for her to do). After she rescues Eiffel, she jokes around with him, saying he “might qualify as undead” now and, he fondly tells her not to make him laugh. They also had some beautiful little moments both trying to avoid the phyiscal in episode 3 (until shit got real)

Like i do ship them, and whatever but their friendship and camaraderie means SOOO much to me as well…. And, just, Minkowski as a character overall. Damn I love my space wife

Im kind of scared and mostly angry at myself. We are currently understaffed where I work. We cant really take sick days and schedule isnt at all flexible since the only other retail person that isnt working fulltime is doing so because shes going to school. Im not upset at her for doing what she wants in her life-Im happy about that. Im just upset it leaves me having NO choice but to work the same schedule every week even if I’m too sick to come in.
Our boss is pretty great about not having anyone work alone-but its to the point were if youre sick and no one can cover you all that can be done is giving you a shorter shift (until a closer comes in or right as the openers are leaving depending). We are also a small place-i work at the second location which has only been open roughly 7 months (Sept. 23) while the first location has been open 16 years. #1 is painfully busy right now, while at #2 despite being understaffed it’s painfully slow. Normally some #1 people would be able to cover-but like I said. Painfully busy.

My shifts have also lately been three days of 9 hours then one 7 hour shift and a 6 hour shift. Not bad, until you know I’m pre everything trans and have to wear a binder to even come close to passing. This is why I’m angry at myself. I havent even tired to build up the courage to ask for shifts that do not go longer than 8 hours. Despite the fact that my phyiscal well being requires it. I know I need to do this (im waking up with sore ribs despite never sleeping in my binder) but Im just.
So nervous about having that conversation. Its one im terrified to ask even though im sure my boss/manager would be understanding even if i didnt explain why its such a big deal.

My ribs, having trouble sleeping, and forgetting my meds for social anxiety have really put me on edge. I even forgot to do major things a couple nights ago because I was so tired in every sense of the word.

Im pretty lucky though that I live in a small town (people are only now realizing we exist) and because of that everyone tends to be really nice. Or maybe its because we’re in canada? Who knows. Ive only had one really rude customer-I was clearly helping somone, and this guy. This grown man who was NOT in the store when I first started helping who I was helping got mad I didnt drop everything for him. There was also several other people who had been in the store longer than him. I finished helping who I was helping and instead of going to the people who had been waiting much longer i go to now help the guy who just showed up. He had been standing there, looking patient and annoyed if not somewhat understanding that hey. You were not here first. However as soon as to start ringing him up he just says that he doesnt want to buy anything anymore. Despite standing there. As if he was still going to buy something.
Apparently not helping somone who’s barely been waiting a minute when youre already checking somone else out is a terrible offense.

Also-for the record we have products behind the counter on display. These items which make up most of our stock can only be retrieved from behind the counter. Because of this we rarely have actual lines in my store, since often times someone will just be standing near what they want. Instead of going over to the register and saying what they want.

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Don't think chubby dean would work, dean and Sam both are pretty active in their hunting doing crazy stunts and shit. Chubby dean would get out of breath and get killed trying to run from the monsters

There are AUs where Dean doesn’t need to run away from monsters. 

(Also, there are chubby people who are phyiscally active and who can run for far longer than someone who’s thin. Just because someone’s thin doesn’t mean they’re fit and would survive running away from monsters.)

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Talon - the Empire (Doomfist = Palpatine, Reaper = Vader). The Junkers - the bounty hunters (Junkrat = Boba). Overwatch - the Rebels. (Genji = Luke, McCree = Han, Tracer = Leia). I’m sorry, I’m just in the Star Wars mood.

I almost feel like, if anything, Tracer would be Luke and she’d but busting it out there was a blue saber and telling Vader (Reaper) to take a hike

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Love all ur gaston work! Please do a fic where the Reader is at a bar with Gaston & Lefou? When the boys go to bar the Reader talks to a girl Lefou had brought over & accidentally lets slip she loves Gaston & plans to tell him when they get home but the girl is v. bitchy & says he probably doesn’t love her back. The reader decides to not say anything & becomes upset & stops looking after herself. When Gaston confronts her she accidentally says what happened & it ends fluffy. Thanks! Hope it’s ok

Pairing: Gaston x Reader
Fandom: Disney ; BatB (2017)
Warnings: angst (depression)

A/N: hey there darling! thank you so much for the compliment! I have to apologize for taking so long to finish this, but I hope it’s what you wanted <3


“Here’s to you, LeFou! May you have many more years ahead of you!” you smiled and kissed his cheek, Gaston only raised his jug, but LeFou still smiled like a giddy child.

“Thank you two for being here with me. My two best friends in the world!”

You laughed a little and looked up when another woman approached the table you were sitting at.

“Oh! This is Amelie, a childhood friend of mine.”

You wanted to greet her, but it seemed as if she was more interested in Gaston than anyone else.

Since this night was about LeFou – and Gaston really didn’t want to flirt with another woman while you were sitting at the same table – he decided to take the man to the bar and get new drinks, leaving you and Amelie behind.

She sat down across from you and watched them.

“Quite the handsome one, isn’t he?”

“Indeed. No wonder one would fall in love with him,” to be honest, you didn’t even realize the words were coming out of your mouth until it was too late. Until Amelie had turned her head again, a wicked grin on her face.

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Let’s talk about the Raijinshuu

Thunder God Tribe, Thunder Legion, Gods of Thunder, whatever you prefer to call them - all of these are correct. If you have scrolled at least a little through my blog(s) then you’ve probably noticed how passionate I am about these three. Passionate and salty. Disappointed. Sad.

Because of the treatment they got after the Fighting Festival ARC (which is one of my fave ARCs for sure and for different reasons).

So this right here is long overdue. A long rant about these unique characters that deserve way more than they are getting from both, canon and fandom. I beg you that please if you care a bit about them, read this and reblog it and/or leave your own thoughts on the matters! This is gonna be long but I’d really appreciate it if you took the time to read, really! So I’m going to put it under a read more, not wanting to clutter the dash especially for those on mobile.

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Seriously the Gem’s design is all about certain geometric shapes. Amethyst is circles/spheres. Garnet is cubes/squares and spheres. Pearl is rectangles/cylinders and cones. Lapidot is also cylinders and cones. Jasper is circles/spheres. Peridot is triangles. Heck even Aquamarine’s design which really isn’t my favourite follows that formala! 

And I think that’s what bothers me so much about that new gems design. Because I don’t see where the geometric shapes are in their design? It doesn’t look like a GEM design to me. As a human character, they would work, because the humans don’t follow that formula … 

Because humans are ORGANIC BEINGS. The gems phyiscal form is composed of geometric shapes bc they’re beings made of LIGHT (safe for their gem). We can actually see that a Gem’s physical form is composed out of geometric shapes when a Gem regenerates, as seen with Lapis Lazuli in Mirror Gem:

That new gem does not LOOK like a gem save for the colour scheme, which just really bothers me … 

I mean … what are their geometric shapes? Spheres? Squares? Cylinders? I don’t know? Why didn’t they take the jacket, the only really geometric shape in this character, and expanded on it instead of giving them sticky arms and legs and a round face with a pointy hat thing? 

I’m tempted to redesign them so they look actually like a gem … 

Farkle Minkus Season Three: OOC or Just Unhappy?

Girl Meets World is, for the intents and purposes- an extremely meta show. A metaphor here, subtlety here… I’m a huge fan of “she’s reaching your honour” for most fandoms but with this one- well, every little thing really does seem to add up to something at some point. The writers enjoy their teasing, knowing that we’re going to start analysing every little thing. In the process of this; we seem to miss the things that are right directly in front of us. Stuff like Farkle definitely not being okay. 

It’s certainly arguable that Farkle took a step back so far this season, his role is definitely a lot closer what his semi-regular season one character did than what we saw him doing in season two. Season two Farkle had more substance and depth, he became more than the nerdy genius who loved Riley and Maya. We watched him really develop into their friend, somebody who’s open and emotionally there for them. Season three reverted him to that, without actually doing it. A huge chunk of Farkle’s lines in the first half of season three was a reminder that he loves both Riley and Maya equally and his moments became time dedicated to helping Lucas sorting through his feelings. (Sorta like he was to Riley in season two I mean what.) Yet when the triangle- which Farkle and Zay as well had done so much to work with- came to a very unclimatic end, they had nothing to do except sit around a look pretty. That doesn’t mean Farkle isn’t being written, this is Girl Meets World and things don’t exist by accident.

So as I said- GMW is a very meta show, which means that all metaphors have meanings. So let’s talk about Pompeii from 3x07 for a second-  specifically, how “Pompeii” aka Maya didn’t really explode. This would make Cory’s entire life lesson nearly unrelated and we know that doesn’t happen. Which leads me to believe- the volcano is still getting ready to burst.What was it that the class said about it?

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raja-in-demigodishness  asked:

I know I've requested before, but I had an amazing (to me at least) idea. So if you'd do that would be great. I was wondering if you could do a head canon for the paladins reacting to their s/o who becomes very clingy/cuddly (which they aren't normally, pretty much they're like don't touch me) while they're extremely groggy/sleepy?

Here you go!

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I’ve been seeing my physical therapist for almost three years and we have a great relationship. I’ve told him about my depression and my frustrations over a painfully long job search. I’ve helped him get his teenage daughter to open up more and trust him, and also taught him how to let her become an adult in her own time.

The physical progress I’ve made under his care is unbelievable. I could barely walk when I graduated from college five years ago. Now, I’m on the elliptical twice a week. I’m swimming, I’m dancing again. But PT can only get me so far.

The pain is manageable at best; there’s no cure for EDS. This condition will stay in my body until I rot away. I can make all the progress in the world and still regress so far after a three-day road trip that I’m bed-bound for days with a subluxated hip and stretched out ankle joints. I have to start over again. Again. Again.

May is Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome awareness month. Please take some time to learn the symptoms, familiarize yourself with the research so far, and hug a zebra. Gently.