I was a fly on the wall when Conor and Michael discussed becoming housemates
  • Conor: Fed up in Florida
  • Michael: So move
  • Conor: Where to?
  • Michael: Baltimore?
  • Conor: And train with Bob?
  • Michael Yeah and you can even move in with me if you want
  • Conor: become housemates?
  • Conor: ....
  • Michael: So you up for it
  • Conor: Sure
  • Michael: I have to warn you though we will prob get a ship name and everything. Fanfics, how you broke up Plochte and how are love slowly starts to grow while you are living with me
  • Conor: ....
  • Michael....
  • *Herman barks*
  • Conor: lets give those fangirls something to blog about