Okay okay okay, everyone in twitter is fighting about Ward so now I’m giving my opinion here. I, personally, love Grant Ward. As a character, I mean, as a person he is a fucking phyco who deserves everything bad in this and any universe. I say I love him because I love the complexity of evil guys, I like go deep into their minds and all that… Anyway, despite the fact that bringing him back looked a little forced to me, I think it was interesting. This whole concept of the difference that just one person can make in another person is really good. So, there’s a lot of opinions about him, and his “relationship” with Daisy and the recent scenes, from “omg skyeward lives” to “CAN SHE KILL HIM ALREADY PLEASE”, and I’m like, calm down. First, he IS NOT REDEEMED. OF COURSE HE IS NOT. But there’s no need to be so rude(???, I mean, this wasn’t an instance for redemption, it wasn’t about “Daisy forgives him” (WHO COULD POSSIBLY FORGIVE HIM), it sure wasn’t, but it’s not a meaningless thing either. As I understand, fw!Ward’s not “a piece of code”, a simulation, he is the version of himself that would have been if he had been “raised” by Victoria Hand. Thing is, the real Ward actually had a part of good in him, he could have been good, if he hadn’t been influenced by Garrett, if his loyalty hadn’t been with him. That’s the point. Not that real Ward wasn’t evil and must be forgiven, it’s the fact that that evilness wasn’t his pure essence(?)
Well… that’s what I think. I may be wrong or whatever, but I just needed to say it. The usual postscript, I’m sorry if I made some grammatical mistake, it’s late, I’m sleepy, bla bla bla.

My anger burns me from the inside out. So why shouldn’t I burn the source of my anger the same way ? This is what I shall do. It’s quite simple really. Ill just take some lighter fluid. Force you to choke on it as I gush it down your throat. Then , I’ll take my gun. Point it down your throat. And bam ! Pull the trigger. The sparks will then ignite the fluid and you will be no more. I walk away with shaky hands and the giggles ! :D