A Psychedelic Bubble - by Louise Rivett

After attending Tame Impala’s much hyped gig in November at the HMV Ritz in Manchester, everything seemed to change.  I have a tendency to over listen and obsess when I find a great album in this case it was Lonerism, the number one album of 2012 (according to NME) and I totally agree. So it was time for me to put Lonerism on the shelf for a while as I’m starting to notice people’s eyes roll every time I bring them up. However I wasn’t ready to give up the dreamy psychedelic bubble I’ve been living in since I bought the album. I decided to do some research and see who else I could find to feed my hunger. The outcome was a success and so here I will share with you some of my top psychedelic inspired finds past present and future, enjoy.

The album which inspired…

Number 1

Melody’s Echo Chamber.

Yes I found her through Tame Impala, but that means I can rely on her and she did not disappoint. With Impala’s Kevin Parker as her companion, he contributes to the album as well with a beautiful guitar solo on I follow you. Melody Prochet creates a Space Age hypnotic like wonder on her debut album which was self named. The record cover was enough to pull me in seeing Prochet resemble many 60’s icons. She will be playing at The Deaf institute on 4th March and it would be a shame to miss this.  It’s slower and more subtle than Lonerism but it finds its own niche in my psychedelic bubble.

Number 2

The Temples

When I first heard the temples ‘shelter song’ I couldn’t help but hear day tripper in the riff. It’s got the same beat throughout the song. This four piece from Kettering look set for 2013 and I’m loving the trippy vibe of this video. The song is catchy upbeat and even Johnny Marr is a fan. Can’t wait for the debut album to be released.

Number 3

Ian Skelly

It has been labelled ‘a psych odyssey’. It didn’t hit me as fast as the others but after giving it a few more listens I decided to add it to my list. Ian Skelly is the drummer and sleeve designer for The Coral who has been working on this hypnotic and relaxing album for two years. Sibling band the Sundowners also help out on the album, a Fleetwood Mac west coast style band from Liverpool. As a result there are some beautiful harmonies and the album looks promising.

Number 4

Charlie Boyer and the Voyeurs

I know they don’t fit into the psych theme as much as the others but I wanted to mix it up and they are pretty good. Compared to bands like Television and Buzzcocks Charlie Boyer and the voyeurs have a 70’s New York punk thing going on as well as a dose of psych magic. Their debut single ‘I watch you’ was released in October and supporting bands like Toy and The Horrors they seem to be treading down a good path.

Number 5

The Amorphous Androynous

This is an oldie I heard a few years ago and I’ve never grew tired of it. Unlike anything I have ever heard before or usually listen to this duo opened me up to a whole world of new music. Gary Cobain and Brian Dougans have never fitted into one genre and have experimented in many fields, even collaborating with Noel Gallagher. This is one of my favourite tracks of all time and it’s a cover of an Oasis tune which they have mixed up to make a psychedelic splendour not to be missed.

So it looks like 2013 is going to be a very psychedelic year to say the least and it looks like I’ve finally learnt how to spell it. Watch this space!

Ta for now- Louise Daisy Rivett!