phych ward

mr robot theory
  • Elliot is in prison, or a phych ward. Let’s say prison for now
  • he’s in jail for the fairly minor and non-EvilCorp related crime of hacking the guy Krista was dating and taking his dog, Flipper
  • his mother is a prison guard
  • his mother only ever talks to him to tell him to wake up/go to sleep
  • Darlene hasn’t heard from him in months, doesn’t want to talk about how he’s doing, cries alone in rooms
  • Leon is an inmate
  • Leon only ever talks about Seinfeld because there’s not much else to do in prison except watch old tv
  • everyone eats/sleeps/turns the lights off/plays basketball at a fixed time because it’s prison and that’s what you do
  • the man with the dog is a therapist or social worker; which is why “communication is key in his field of work[…]” 
  • the other basketball players/inmates go away as soon as the man with the dog comes near, whispering “Yes, sir..” as if he’s their superior
  • the man with the dog seems to come regularly of late, just to talk to Elliot - who has mental illness and is partecipating in group therapy
  • The group therapy folks are sketchy looking
  • Gideon comes to visit Elliot in prison, which is why the setting is one of a prison visiting room: they sit across from each other, at a table’s distance, with his mother (prison guard) watching closely for any trouble
  • He has no internet at home, but neither does he have it anywhere near him. Wifi is everywhere these days. But not in prison.
  • Elliot answers Tyrell’s phone call from a wall phone, which is pretty prison-y for the 21st century
  • Elliot is repressing the truth by pretending he has “control” over his situation - that he voluntarily went away from his old life, rather than being imprisoned
  • control IS an illusion
  • the Phil Collins song that was playing during the episode:

pineappplefangirl  sorry, but im allowed to post my thoughts and shit on my personal blog, thanks. also, getting ‘pissy’ when your parents shut off the internet? yeah sorry i have friends online who make me happy when i feel like shit. “theres a difference between wanting attention and making an ass of yourself” ok but consider this, im not neurotypical and youre probably like, the only person who follows (followed?) me who thinks that because anyone else would have just unfollowed if they thought so badly of me. :)

and dont you dare calll me manipulative and shit like that because im actually expressing my thoughts and emotions. its people like you that made me bottle everything up inside, which was Horriblle for my mental health. 

im gonna keep posting what i want on my own blog and im going to keep expessing how i feel because i have that right, and youre the immature one for being an ass to me about something like that.

unlike you, i actually tell people how i feel. keeping it all inside isnt healthy, hun, one day itll fuck you up. if it hasnt already.