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Massive FAQ post

I can’t believe I agreed to answer questions this week, but HERE YA GO YA BASTARDS. The ones I answered in the comics are obviously not down here.


Omnithea: Have the roots [of your head flowers] reached your brains yet?

I have another comic in the buffer that will answer this one sufficiently.

Dins Fire: If you had to choose your favorite game ever, what would it be? Do you have a least favorite (i.e. most hated)?

Shadow of the Colussus has always been my fav! Right now, Pokemon is my least favorite because I RAISE SO MANY GODDAMN BABIES for the right natures!!

Anonymous: What is your view on the current astrophysical anomaly of dark matter and energy? And how do you suppose we may be able to find and possibly use these seemingly invisible sources of mass and energy?

I asked my friend Maki to explain this question and I came away with a better understanding of raisin bread. A separate comic might be warranted for you.

Alex: Yeah, here’s my question. Why do you have such a stupid butt face? Is it intentional or do you just lack the choice?

I-It’s genetic!! I draw a face on it every morning to blend in!

Vabolo: If you were your own species of pokémon (i.e, something that hasn’t been drawn by the godhand of Ken Sugimori), what would you be? :V

I think about this literally EVERY DAY. Probably an electric or bug type, since I’m so jittery.

Anonymous: Did you win stripsearch? why am I the first to ask this?

It premiers this Friday geez!!

Kitty: If you could be in a room filled with anything… What would that thing be? And on the opposite scale – What would you least likely to be in a room full of?

I would want to be in a room filled with the Vanilla cream that goes in cream puffs!!! I wouldn’t go near a room filled with…..chatty women =_=

Amy: Do you like trains?

I love trains.

Anonymous: Waffles or pancakes?


Randomperson: How do you feel about Hatoful Kareshi?

This is that manga about the high school for pigeons. Thank you for introducing me to it.

Dins Fire: Martin Van Buren or Calvin Coolidge?

Whichever one made the US richer during his term.

Driveler: Are your pupils always as dilated as they are in the comic?

Most people are surprised that the faces I make in the comic aren’t too far from my actual expressions.

Fusionwarrior: Who would win a fight, Mewtwo or Charles Xavier?

Prrrobably Mewtwo if I gave him the right moves.

Jhales: So you watch dems animes judging from the sword art online comic, which one would you say is your current favorite?

M-Madoka Magica…..>_>

Sheraf: On a scale of 1-10 how much dick would you give to Joseph Gordon-Levitt?

If I had a dick I would probably give all 10 of it but since I don’t I will have to settle for all 10 of someone else’s dick.

Steve: If you had to change your name to one that begins with a Q and is listed on, what name would you pick?


Vorack: What is your Pokemon Dream-Team, ignoring competive play and solely based on what you want.

A team of all pink Pokemon

Anonymous: In your opinion, what is the WORST Pokemon?

Khangaskan….because I got him by cheating and he destroyed my Blue Version shortly after.

Beemacvae: What’s your opinion on the Wonder Woman costume debate: pants, or no pants?

My comic strongly advocates a Never Wear Pants Ever philosophy

Vabolo: This isn’t a question for the next comic (or is it? DUN DUN DUUUUN), but do you still use Manga Studio to draw the comic?

I don’t because I can’t use it to color as effectively as Photoshop. But I used it for the majority of The Silence and I’m planning to use it for future comics!


The final episode of THG’s Monica Week is upon us!

Come check out some sweet art by Monica Ray of Phuzzy Comics!


I can’t sleep so I am watching this and being nostalgic and I miss Nathan and Monicaaa. :’(


If you haven’t seen this already, what are you waiting for?

Come hang with Monica Ray of Phuzzy Comics while she does what she does best: art!

Also, we’ll talk about her projects, video games, and dick butt. Good times.