Anna, Linda, Sophie, Romy and Lisa are coming over tomorrow

  • they’re coming at 9:30 in the morning, guys what the shit
  • but they’re pretty cool and we’ll go get junk food and maybe bake
  • i can’t even remember if i told them we were baking but i’ll force them
  • i’m really excited for our christmas get together we’re doing KKs and we’re going to decorate my house and mum said if they want they can bring beer (Anna this is directed at you)
  • anyway they’re coming over tomorrow and it’s going to be fun
  • and i’m probably going to see them all the time because they’re always at my house the mongrels never leave (i don’t want them to leave lol!!!!)
  • This is going to be the 7th week in a row I’ve seen Anna. No regrets i’m probably going to get sick of her soon but not really
  • Anna you’re the worst. 
  • i’m really excited for the holidays we have so much planned

this has pretty much been an appreciation post to the people listed above also Claire who is dumb and has school still YOU SEE THAT CLAIRE DUMB. DROP OUT ALREADY.