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OKAY SO. If you look at evil, evil is going to look right back at you.  This, in my opinion, perfectly tied in with her much earlier line about all monsters being human.  In the beginning, we learned that the “monsters” outside that we originally feared the most were just the tragic end results of Dr. Arden’s horrific human experiments.  They were innocent people who just happened to look like monsters because they were tortured so.  But that story ended fairly quickly after Shelley died.  The real monster there was someone who looked like everyone else, Dr. Arden.  A man who was a monster in his own right, a Nazi doctor who experimented on people in the concentration camps.  For the sake of argument I’m just going to say Anne Frank wasn’t Anne Frank but more likely a girl who perhaps knew her before being sent to the camps and maybe thought Anne had gotten away and held onto the hope that she would too get away from her hell and the hell of millions of people.  And then we have Lana who lives in secret because her world would reject her if they knew she loved women.  She wants nothing more than to rise as a respected journalist because of her own doing.  And then her ambition led her to Briarcliff and Sister Jude who threatened her girlfriend into signing her away for the price of silence about their relationship.  And, as we all know, Lana’s personal hell encompassed imprisonment because of Jude’s discriminations, the horrific daily life of Briarcliff, undergoing conversion therapy to cure a problem she didn’t have, being lied to by the man who killed and skinned her girlfriend and later raped her leaving her with a baby she hated, almost losing hope because she had actually been abandoned, all that fantastically depressing stuff that went on with Lana.  And then there’s Jude who went from the strict enforcer at Briarcliff to the sedated patient whose identity was erased countless times and the only reason she was saved was because the very people she imprisoned sought her out.  And you know everyone else’s stories.  All of this, this was everyone’s personal hell.  This was their worst case scenario.  This wasn’t getting justice or revenge or glory.  This was walking into both the physical and metaphorical place that would tear you to shreds, bit by bit, until every last thought you had ever had became theirs.  You became property.  Something to play with.  Evil is a multi-faceted monster that comes in the form of fear rooted in not understanding (Kit and Lana), of losing the grasp on one’s existence (Jude), the utter lack of humanity (Arden), and the knowledge that you are completely alone and your death will most likely go unnoticed (literally everyone at Briarcliff).  So when Lana stepped into Briarcliff and sought to expose the institution, she instead became a part of it, an unwilling occupant of a place that fed on the utter lack of hope.  Evil, basically.  Evil will stare right back with a thousand scenarios and a thousand different endings and a thousand different stories of people who never got justice.  And it will be a human being.

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