phuong tran

thedeltasweete  asked:

a: 17; b: 13 & 15; e: 3; f: 1 & 6 + h: 6 for phuong xx

Hi Belle! :D

A.17: Probably every one of those times she told off people who doubted her for anything/everything

B.13: It’s more in between; she has a decent amount of friends, who she made mostly at work (she has no childhood friends, as they’re all back in Vietnam)

B.15: She does like parties and clubs, but mostly for the alcohol lmao

E.3: She is trilingual: Vietnamese, English, a good amount of Russian

F.1: A small, pastel yellow-colored, one-floor house just for herself and her dog; she snatched it right as it went up for sale

F.6: Whenever she’s not on missions, she does desk work at the office (like everyone else, I guess lol)

H.6: She would never cheat on anyone and she hasn’t been cheated on (hasn’t had a significant other since her first one)

And here’s a doodle of Phuong :9