#TryingTooHard; More #fuckery…

My buddy Tom found this CD in the dollar bin at VIBES MUSIC. This is pure comedy…

Let’s start with the cover; the homies are posted on the whip, hardbody. Tom works on cars (he’s my car guy) and informed me that that’s likely a Delta 88 with a grill PHOTOSHOPPED onto it. Please note the gangstafied ‘jailhouse pose’ the homey on the hood is throwing at you before you turn your attention to playa-potna on the passenger side. And you KNOW the homey is gangsta cuz he is rocking one white glove and throwing up 'Westside’

Now, the back cover - 'Sex Sells’, but why are the homeys repping 'Areolae Life’. I don’t believe they are really about that 'areolae life’. Y'all ruined a perfectly good set of 'Becky boobs’ with that. (I bet she gots pank nipples too; y'all hatin’)

The CD; SMMFH. Do you guys think they know what continent that is? Are they down for the cause or was this an attempt to let us know that they really are 'down’? I guess me and @MrKinetik should put a map of Ireland on our EP….

…then again, there’s a reason stuff finds its way to the dollar bin…



Oh.. there’s video footage of this…

And ‘The Last Supper’? Amazing…



#ThisWeekInPhukkery - #SHRUGLIFE

I’m an advocate of #phukkery, so let me define it.

#Phukkery (NOT #fuckery) is making fun of legitimately corny stuff, et al. #fuckery, people obviously trying too hard, most of what is in the mass media and such, in a legitimately clever way. It’s easy to just say ‘THAT FUCKIN’ SUCKS!!!!’ but if you can make me laugh about it, I’ll get the point a lot faster and I’ll value your opinion as opposed to your bluster. 'Bluster’ means nothing to me. I have a voice, which is usually being amplified by use of a microphone and public address system and I have 'caps lock’ too. So damn what. Make a point. Crack a joke or sumn…

Also, the #phukkery seems to be a lot more harmless than 'the slander’. Some people do too much with 'the slander’. All that ’@ em or dap em’ shit is for the birds, man. I’m not trying to show up in some celeb’s ’@’s every time I crack a joke or 20 at their expense. I’m not an insult-comedian and I don’t seek to attain 'Twitter fame’ for being one of those people who doesn’t do shit but slander celebs and starts 'death rumors’ (I REALLY hate that shit.)

I actually have something to say, man…but I AM an advocate of #phukkery, as a means of communicating. My sense of humor makes it so…and WTF am I doing if I can’t laugh with you…?

#ButAnywayDoe, you can see by the use of #hashtags in this post that communication on Twitter is a whole different beast. Of late, I’ve been making these little pics (memes?) to celebrate some great moments of #fuckery on Twitter, as well as give a visual component to some of the stuff that I have been laughing about and discussing with my awesome timeline.

( #Shruglife makes it better. Search that tag.)

I’ll post the #phukkery over here every now and then. Here’s ten examples of #Phukkery in action. As you can tell, we’ve discussed some major issues this week (Chic-Fil-A not being open on Sunday, my impending life with my boo, Oprah, an EPIC misspelling of a word from a Kanye West song, and more…) Steal em if you like. Get in the convo, have fun with this shit, man….

Here’s my Twitter page…


I got jokes, yo…this shit is mixxie.