This is based off the original telephone game post, using Seto Kaiba as our character for the game! Thank you so much to all of the artists for your wonderful work and for your patience!!! This was tons of fun to do :D

Artists, in order:
anocurry, yugirl-with-dragons, zelka94, phuijl, masaya90, onisuup, cricket-farmer, thiefprincess, fimyuan, mykenbomb, kvgua

My half of an art trade for phuijl, of her character Phasmk!
My wrist was feeling guud when I did this, and then the doctor did some stuff to it, so hopefully it’s not all swollen and sore in a couple of hours.

This character was so fun to do, such a nice and fun design, MMF, give Phui all the praise and love for this char of cuteness please.


me and @fishykays did a collab to draw your two OCs in osomatsu style (like this one that you did), we hope you like it!! :D HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT BIRTHDAY

honestly tho cartoon styles look so easy, but to be able to draw different bodies with different forms actually takes a lot of skill? like, most art training is learning all about the complex form of the human body; cartoon styles are all about completely simplifying all of those structures into simple shapes that may or may not look anything like their original form, BUT THEY’RE STILL DISCERNIBLE. i’m on mobile so i can’t add any examples but honestly people with really cartoony art styles amaze me, whenever i try to draw cartoony it’s such a struggle to go against all of my more complex-ish art training


heres my submission for @phuijl ‘s @ygoreanimate project!

pretty much, each animator animates one shot from a yugioh season 0 episode

i did one of these last year, and i notice it’s something people tend to do yearly, so i guess i will too!

mutuals are bolded!

A - I

@acerotiburon @androgynousactor @atern @beksboys @chertiz-lover @child0fthekindlywest @colorfulnerd @commanderholly @conformitiesrebellion @corgiblue @dittolicous @ebbywaffle @fish-food02 @gawktopus @grummpig @hubedihubbe @illuminatihotty 

J - R

@jackthevulture @jujuoh @kristofnast @kudalyn @kyleehenke @kynimdraws @lopoddityart @m7angela @mimimonart @mobiusghost @myetie @mysticmessengertrash @naturaldisasterspin @nonsequiturtle @orcelit0 @paper-mario-wiki @parfaitperi @peachypuzzle @pearlescenthyena @pettyartist @phuijl @pixie-femme @poisonjabs @prozdvoices @psycho-alchemist @reynadia @richt3r-r0ller 

S - Z

@scotchtapeofficial @serenamidori @shiirojasmine @shinchannie @skippyrip @skitea @skyjukebox @soporificsweetheart @space-kanye @sunniedoodles @swolebooty @tfwshems @thatonewiththeponytail @thatsthat24 @thejenmonster @vintagetobe @yamujiburo @yu-gi-ow @zack-fair

and there we are! check out all of these lovely bloggers, and i hope you all have a safe and happy new year!! <33

Arrived at @ashethehedgehog place! If you guys like to see photos, check out my twitter (

There’s still a bug sharing my instagram photo to my tumblr but I plan to post those photos when I can get on my laptop soon

When the heart of the card responds to your trust just right

(Opps this has been sitting in my drafts for a few days //sweats nervously) So I whipped out my Yami cosplay on Sunday for Supanova last weekend, and @soapdino​ told me I should do the Pacha meme pose, and I immediately thought of @phuijl​‘s amazing post of the ygo version. I didn’t realise I mixed up the hands tho, ahaha. Still it was fun!~ B) And a ton of thanks to Phui for all the inspirational and amazing scenes they draw up for the ygo crossover!! :D