I really hate it when people are so desperate to be with someone they go back to or stay with people who treated them like shit. I seriously can’t fathom doing that, yes I know people can on the rare occasion change but I’m pretty sure if you’ve been trying to make things work for a couple of years it’s not going to happen, they’re still going to treat you like shit, you’re still going to fight all the time over meaningless things, and you’re not going to be happy in the long run.

I don’t understand why people think just because they’re in a relationship they’re suddenly going to be happier than they were without one. Yes, if you find a person that will treat you how you should be treated then I can see how a relationship would be fantastic but why are people willing to put up with a boyfriend or girlfriend who treat them terribly regardless if you love that person or not? I realize that might sound cold but from personal experience you need to learn to cut your losses and realize that that person isn’t right for you. If you’re going to be in a relationship you should feel good about it, it should be an addition to what you already have, not become your entire life. 

  • Dorian: Ha ha, she dumped you.
  • Sam: (from heaven) Ha ha, I knew she's dump you
  • Rowan: Ha ha, she doesn't love you anymore.
  • Chaol:
  • Chaol: guys
  • Chaol: Seriously?
  • Chaol: I'm the only one who got laid
  • Aedion: Your death is going to be painful
  • Rowan: *to Chaol* phst, for now
  • Aedion: *glares*
The Prince and the Youtuber

Description: Dan Howell is the Prince of England and the first grandson of a late King, and Phil Lester is a famous Youtuber who turns out to be the first grandson of a late King’s Hand, the best friend of the late King. On one night of celebration of their daughters’ pregnancies 18 years ago, the best friends made a drunken pact to marry their first grandchildren to each other the year they both turn 18, completely forgetting to consider that their first grandchildren could both be male.

Tags: Fluff, Royalty AU, Chaptered (Ongoing), Humor (???)

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