“Miss Fisher is that rare fictional example of what life can be like for women who chose not to get married and/or have children — and how that alternative can be just as fulfilling.

This isn’t a story about a spinster finding love later in life and finally getting the traditional family she needs and deserves. This is a story about a sexually-liberated, vibrant, empathetic woman who has a wonderful family and community of her own making. 

Phryne is not someone to be pitied. She is one of the most alive characters on TV — a master detective who speaks multiple languages, knows martial arts, and can fly an airplane. Miss Fisher is competency porn at its most addictive, and its main character is a new, much-needed kind of archetype.”

— “Miss Fisher Is The Feminist Sherlock You Should Be Watching”

She’s like this flame that everyone’s drawn to, a life force, and characters like this rarely come up for women. Men get to do this shit. She’s like Indiana Jones or James Bond, able and suave, sophisticated and sexy. She flies aeroplanes and speaks lots of languages and has affairs with amazing men. She creates a party and lives life.
—  Essie Davis on playing Phryne Fisher [ x ]