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After the handling he’s given her, Phryne’s not about to let Jack get off that lightly…

Well that only took a month to finish. I think that’s a new record for me, at least where an unfinished WIP is concerned! Thank you everyone for taking the time to read and leave kudos and comments, and an especial thank you to cowalyn and pirategirlofcollingwood. You’ve all been wonderful. ♥

There are only two things now,
The great black night scooped out
And this fireglow.

This fireglow, the core, 
And we are two ripe pips
That are held in store.

Listen, the darkness rings
As it circulates round our fire.
Take off your things.

Your shoulders, your bruised throat!
Your breasts, your nakedness!
This fiery coat!

As the darkness flickers and dips,
As the firelight falls and leaps
From your feet to your lips!


New Year’s Eve, D.H. Lawrence

So after lunalove-blr‘s latest gifs, I was definitely in need of some smutty reading. I allowed myself one such read before deciding to be good and actually do some of my course reading- though at the same time still in search of a smutty quote that I was sure would appeal to the fandom. And I was about to quote Paul Durcan’s My Belovèd Compares Herself To A Pint Of Stout, but I just happened to turn the page, and who should I come face to face with but D.H. Lawrence. ‘Bruised throat’ just made me think immediately of Phryne in Blood and Money, and there have been so many excellent fics with Phryne and Jack getting steamy by the fireside- so all in all, I think this is rather perfect!

(and now I really should get back to the reading, even though this poetry anthology is part of it, Tumblr certainly isn’t! ……and the remainder of Paradise Lost is calling me, unfortunately)


The family and friends watch of Series 3 took nearly two months, largely because interest dropped off after Murder and Mozzarella.  The general consensus being too much relationship stuff (they didn’t mind the romance just the time spent on it) and too little mystery. Living in the phryneverse on tumblr you forget that people who like the show but are not invested in it may view it differently:).

So though I don’t usually rewatch entire episodes I went back to S1 to see whether it still held up and well…so far it is still as sparkling and engaging as on first viewing.

Despite all my ranting about the books and Lin, I didn’t have any concrete opinion on the role and the actor - when it aired I think there was more interest in Jack by Ep 3 - but on the rewatch I thought he was fine enough.  And at the time I remember there was a bit of a fuss about the actor not looking “Chinese enough”, again a point I hadn’t paid much attention to. But now having rattled around Asia for a year I don’t think there is anything to say that he doesn’t look Chinese -  there is a good amount of diversity in Asia and no one “type” - so the comments are quite puzzling. 

Also the cravat looks a little more comfortable than the tie right ;-)

But yes Jack is spot on and the ending of Episode 3 still as delicious. And Phryne is so awesomely naughty. And the rest of the cast. It is all quite entertaining and a bit subversive. That sparkle and spirit of fun isn’t entirely there in S3.