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Hey guys!
Did you know that the right gonadal vein, right suprarenal vein and the right inferior phrenic vein drain into the Inferior Vena Cava?
Really? Then where do the left sided veins drain?
Left renal vein!
How do I remember this? @_@
I use the “RIVer” buzzword to remember Right sided veins drain into the IVC.

That’s all!

The fact that the left gonadal vein (testicular vein) drains in the left renal vein is particularly high yield because 98% of idiopathic varicoceles occur on the left side.


Pomegranate Rebuking Enthralled Tarsius Espousing Neurotically Toxic Ideological Opus Utilizing Surrealism

(a collaboration between the Monkey and me)

an English department peppered
with Bukowski wannabees—scattered
empty shot gun shell casings,
missing their salt

disinclined to marry the beat
shorn of cocktails and lead,
scholars unleash rumors of wars;
tongues spondē—a false rhythm

kerouac and kierkegaard klōns,
these mimics of mimics,
veterans of internal combat
fought for muse, not victory

existentialism cannot be flattered
with a mummer’s xerox scroll,
howling out the missteps of havoc,
ruin is heralded in colors of sycophant

sanity never paints a pretty picture,
with its sharp lines and cutting palette;
the critics gorge on ears of maize—
the labyrinthine yellow of madness

“off with their heads!”—phrenic games—
grenades served to stultify enemies
searching for grith in elevated silos,
besieged by illegitimate, gaudy neuroses

The mediastinum, a central chest compartment located between the lungs, houses the heart. Immediately to the right of the heart is the aorta, the largest artery of the body. To the right of the aorta are groups of blood vessels (one artery and two companion veins) that run between the ribs to distribute blood through the body. The phrenic nerve, which sends messages to the diaphragm to breath, is visible as it crosses the heart vertically.