My mom and I were talking about how we could someday live in our dream home. Anyway we got to talking more into it and were telling each other who should be our butler, our maid, and our pool boy. This is how our little conversation went…

Me: Hands down Alex O'loughlin

Mom: Who is that?

Me: *mouth hangs open* you need to go die

Mom: What is he the next Bill Gates or something?

Me: He’s only the world’s most gorgeous creature that walks on this earth….besides me

Mom: The world’s most gorgeous creature can not be our pool guy….he’ll never get his work done with you gawking at him

Anyway later I ended up watching hawaii five o and my mom walks in when Steve walks into the ring shirtless

Mom: Who is that? Maybe I should start watching this show….or you know what he can be the pool boy let that Alex guy be your pool boy that guy *points to screen* he’s mine

Me: That’s Alex mom….

Parents really need to start trusting their kids when it comes to life decisions like this….yes important life decisions include who should be your dream pool guy

I do like her. I like her a lot. I’d love to spend more time with her. I’d love to have a real, stable relationship with her. But she’s in the middle of the sea most of times. I’m not exactly allowed to have too much free time outside of work either. Sometimes things just don’t work the way we want them to.

My New Year's Resolutions 2012 :)

It’s been a long and hard year for me. I turned 16 :) I went on another cruise with my amazing family. I found out my sister was being abused by some random guy. My addiction and obsession with Alex O'Loughlin and H50 has grown. I battled a mystery illness that is finally healing itself. I found out I have a condition called MAV (Migraine Associated Vertigo) and with this condition I have to limit my caffeine intake, limit my exercise, and avoid long car rides. MAV comes in episodes that last 3-7 days. Mine lasted 2 months. Mine was one of the rarer conditions. My MAV comes in long time periods and hopefully I can control them with my meds. Anyways, in all it has been a big year for me and I hope next year is even better.

My Resolutions:

  • Find A Job
  • Find more friends that love you and make a stronger relationship with the ones I already have
  • Find a boy that loves me
  • Experience new things
  • Decide what college I want to attend
  • Go to driver’s ed and get my license
  • Go to the city with a friend or my sister by ourselves
  • Get more in depth with my writing and finish my novel
  • Get a new ipod/buy an iphone
  • Buy a car
  • Buy more clothes