I give you a few words and phrases in Italian

I decided to create this post in which I will say a few words and  phrases in Italian (my native language) begin:

Hello: Ciao

Good Morning: Buongiorno

Good   good afternoon: Buon pomeriggio

Good evening: Buonasera

Good Night: BuonaNotte

Come stai? How are you?

  are you OK? Stai Bene?

  lunch is ready? E’ pronto il pranzo?

dinner: cena

colazione: breakfast

I love you! Ti amo

My star: Mia stella!

my sweetheart. mio tesoro

Ti odio: I hate you

  disappear forever from the face of the earth: sparisci per sempre dalla faccia della terra

disappear to hell: sparisci all’inferno

begone to hell: vattene a quel paese

long as I live I will love you until you love me I will live: finchè vivrò io ti amerò, finchè vivrai io tu mi amerai

Sorry: Scusa

I ask your forgiveness: Ti chiedo il mio perdono

Lullaby: ninna nanna

 Excuse me, what time is it? scusi, che ore sono?

  where is this monument? dove si trova questo monumento?

  Ok, now under this post will put some bad words … I remember that anyone who wants can ask me the meaning of other words through mp

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