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Oh give me a pair of pectorals like Diana Nyad.

I wanna swim 89 miles.

Give me a set of deltoids like Tracy Hawkins.

I wanna be strong like those amazons.

I wanna learn to dribble like Annie Myers.

I wanna learn to shoot like Cheryl Miller.

I wanted to play for the Dallas Diamonds and live with Martina like Nancy Lieberman.

strong strong strong strong like an amazon

I wanna play badminton like Tammy Cunard.

I wanna smash that birdie like Christy Cook.

I want to acquire the perfect drop shot and have total control over that shuttle cock.

Strong strong strong strong like an amazon

I want to run in the Boston Marathon

I want to go go go like Allison Roe

I want to play tennis like Billie Jean King

I wanna serve the volley like Martina can

I want to be strong like an amazon

I wanna smack the ball like ivana kul?????

Strong strong strong strong like an amazon

I wanna learn to drive like Janet Guthrie

I wanna zoom zoom like Cha Cha Muldowney

I wanna be strong strong like an amazon

I wanna be strong strong like an amazon




Castration Squad- Ex-Girlfriend (1980)

Live on KPFK


This is Your Life: The Woman’s Building

Sunday, October 16, 4:00 p.m.

Phranc, the all-American Jewish lesbian folksinger, pays a musical tribute to the Los Angeles Woman’s Building, a groundbreaking collective that fostered feminist art and artists.

With this concert, she reflects on her personal experiences as a teenager at the Feminist Studio Workshop and the significant influences that have helped shape her career. Phranc is a renowned recording and visual artist who was part of the vibrant L.A. punk scene in the 1970s. She has recorded for Rhino Records, Island Records, and Kill Rock Stars and toured internationally with many acclaimed and notorious artists.


Life theme song?  Duh.

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Carolyn by Phranc

Carolyn, I am crazy about you, cuz no one I know has muscles like you and no one is quite as handsome as you are

Oh Carolyn im impressed by you

And Carolyn you inspire me cuz I wanna be strong as you.

And I wanna lift the same barbells you do, cuz Carolyn I wanna be strong like you

Its no small thing, ive gotta crush on your ham strings

I gotta crush on your everything

Carolyn my friends, they cant stand it cuz I go for a swim instead of a drink and ive started to wear polyester so I can not blame them for what they think

Carolyn you make me wanna be a gym teacher

You made me question being a folksinger, but I don’t want to waste my life away at the sidelines and the bleachers.

Carolyn im crazy about you

Cuz no one I know muscles like you do

And no one is quite as wise as you are

Oh Carolyn ive gotta crush on you

Oh Carolyn ive gotta crush. on. you.