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oo can you rec some queercore bands cause I need new music

ooh my FAVORITE is definitely team dresch !! their song uncle phranc is an all-time fave of mine. their guitarist formed the butchies, which is also p good. tribe 8 is great as well and one of the members is black 


Oh give me a pair of pectorals like Diana Nyad.

I wanna swim 89 miles.

Give me a set of deltoids like Tracy Hawkins.

I wanna be strong like those amazons.

I wanna learn to dribble like Annie Myers.

I wanna learn to shoot like Cheryl Miller.

I wanted to play for the Dallas Diamonds and live with Martina like Nancy Lieberman.

strong strong strong strong like an amazon

I wanna play badminton like Tammy Cunard.

I wanna smash that birdie like Christy Cook.

I want to acquire the perfect drop shot and have total control over that shuttle cock.

Strong strong strong strong like an amazon

I want to run in the Boston Marathon

I want to go go go like Allison Roe

I want to play tennis like Billie Jean King

I wanna serve the volley like Martina can

I want to be strong like an amazon

I wanna smack the ball like ivana kul?????

Strong strong strong strong like an amazon

I wanna learn to drive like Janet Guthrie

I wanna zoom zoom like Cha Cha Muldowney

I wanna be strong strong like an amazon

I wanna be strong strong like an amazon




Life theme song?  Duh.


Carolyn by Phranc

Carolyn, I am crazy about you, cuz no one I know has muscles like you and no one is quite as handsome as you are

Oh Carolyn im impressed by you

And Carolyn you inspire me cuz I wanna be strong as you.

And I wanna lift the same barbells you do, cuz Carolyn I wanna be strong like you

Its no small thing, ive gotta crush on your ham strings

I gotta crush on your everything

Carolyn my friends, they cant stand it cuz I go for a swim instead of a drink and ive started to wear polyester so I can not blame them for what they think

Carolyn you make me wanna be a gym teacher

You made me question being a folksinger, but I don’t want to waste my life away at the sidelines and the bleachers.

Carolyn im crazy about you

Cuz no one I know muscles like you do

And no one is quite as wise as you are

Oh Carolyn ive gotta crush on you

Oh Carolyn ive gotta crush. on. you.

After having that heart to heart conversation with you earlier, I felt like crying. Your words touched me in a way that made me miss you so much & wished nothing more than to have you by my side & give you the biggest kiss ever. I wish things were different. Perhaps more simple but that’s life for ya huh? I love you. I always will & I know that. I was mad for feeling neglected but I have to understand that things are different between us. We’re two different people that run two very different lives. I wish I could see you as much as I want but unfortunately, I can’t. Just know that the days we spent apart are the days I realize how much I really love you & how I need you as much as possible.

Don’t make me feel like that anymore. Please. We’ve both had rough lives & went through different things & if I “am” the best girl you’ve met in your life, don’t make me feel like alone anymore.
I just needed you & ended up getting let down once again. I’m just scared of losing you. I don’t know if I can afford that. I know your words aren’t bullshit because I know the kinda person you were before we even started talking let alone dating. You’re the most sweetest, most caring person I know & I’m so happy to call you mine.

You said you’re always going to be apart of my life & always care about me because I’m the best thing that’s happened to you at this time of your life & I made you realize a lot since we been together <3

You’re an amazing person & I know you care.. just..see me soon? Because I love & miss you. I just wish I was in your arms right now.

“Milly you are the best thing that could have happend to me at this time of my life. I hope you realize that I don’t care what anybody says but you are an amazing person and I thank you for everything we been through." 

ugly girl mix rough draft

Get an ugly girl to marry you - the coasters
I never will marry - Carter family
Ugly girls with beautiful girls - sparks
The ugly one with the jewels - Laurie Anderson
Why don’t women like me - George formby
I enjoy being a girl - phranc
Ugly girl - clear blue sky
A message to pretty - love
Ugly duckling - frank loesser
Fat boys and ugly girls - Elton John

….. Help me out here caro