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i'm studying computer science for GCSE and plan on continuing into A level and then in university, as a computer science student what does computer science at higher levels entail? we mainly use python right now but i know that's very basic level. thanks much, love your blog xx

Hi! Thank you very much! ✨ ✨  I haven’t really had computer science in high school so I can tell you just what we were doing at uni! It was really fast pace! (I’ll make all the strictly computer science stuff bold)

💾  FIRST SEMESTER  | mostly math subjects (analysis, algebra, discrete math), 2 programming languages ( python+pygame - we had to code a simple game like snake as a final project; C - we haven’t really had any projects, it was pretty basic), an introduction to terminal (working with a terminal, terminal commands, terminal ediots eg. vi, emacs), group work tools (github, git, kanban methods…)

💾  SECOND SEMESTER | still a lot of math ( logic, statistics, differential equations), physics, 1 programming language ( C++ - really difficult, object oriented, but really important language; we had to code app. 3 programs for the next classes), Algorithms, 3D Graphics (Softimage+Blender), LaTeX (for document edition)

and now I’ll only tell you what programming languages there are going to be next semester because I don’t really know what we’ll do after the third semester ;)

💾  THIRD SEMESTER | web languages (html+css+java script+php), Java (probably the most important subject on computer science and in programming, everything’s based on java nowadays) 

So as you can see, when it comes to computer science subjects it’s mostly learning new languages, starting from the basics ones going on to the more difficult ones, but there’s also some subjects that are more difficult and more theoretical like eg. algorithms. As far as I’m concerned, we’re going to have something about the architecture of the computers and some more /technical/ stuff in the future. 

Hope I helped!  😇

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Did you make your own website for Everblue?

Sort of. I installed a CMS called Grawlix on my domain. A CMS is a ‘content management system’ that automates certain things like page generation, and uploading pages/images/articles. Then I customized it with some of my own php scripts and css for theming. Also, static pages such as the thumbnailed archives, characters page, and others, I made from scratch.

So, I went from the default theme on the left, to my custom theme on the right.

Grawlix is a great CMS, by the way, and I highly recommend it for webcomics :).

One happy geeky girl

Today I wrote my first PHP code - a first step towards my future websites being more savvy. <3

The site I use for webhosting was not taking my htaccess file too kindly.  Of course, clean URLs (free of unnecessary numbers/letters/symbols) are not essential to website design, but they kind of are.  Maybe it was me, or maybe it was me not using the paid hosting plan.  Came to the conclusion I needed a new webhost, if nothing else but to double-check my htaccess code.

I don’t have a job yet, so I’m not about to shell out $$ for a site domain I only need for experimenting.  I spent hours looking for another free/ad-free webhost, ultimately discovering mine was the best and safest one.  This was not sounding good.

At the point of complete discouragement, the idea came to me to see if my college had any “free” (well, we pay somewhere) subdomains for students.  As it turns out, there was a free subdomain - associated with my student ID - waiting for me all along, with PHP support and other sophisticated bells & whistles.  Safe, secure, and legit! 

I uploaded my index.html just to be sure, and there it was, no ads or even mandatory attribution.

This may seem like a little thing, but it was a blessing that made my day.  Even if I can’t get the htaccess code sorted out, using my uni’s subdomain is worlds better than dealing with the old webhost.  I am so keyed up to wake up tomorrow (uh, later this morning) and be able to experiment with more website code, knowing there’s now a reliable place to test it!