Doctor Who/Kevedd Crossover

\So, in Phox’s Livestream tonight, the subject of Doctor Who and KevEdd came up, again. Phox was lovely enough to draw it, and the Livestream was awesome enough to come up with parallels.

(My personal favorite is Sarah and Jimmy being Amy and Rory as well as Nat becoming Jack Harkness).

There’s a billion ways this could go, but I just wanted to write down a little scene before bed. \


It had been a quiet, early morning invasion. Edd tracked the Leech to a small cul-de-sac all the way across the northern quadrant of the galaxy. Why the Leech felt the need to hone in on Earth was beyond him. In fact, a lot of things had a tendency to invade the Earth—which was why Edd felt it was his sworn duty to keep the planet protected.

It wasn’t often that Edd found himself in such a calm part of the planet. As the TARDIS materialized in the center of a cul-de-sac, he knew this task would not be easy. Residential areas held a high risk factor. Edd would have to be extremely clever to pull this one off.

As he opened the door to his police box and stepped onto the smooth pavement, a heavy voice called to him from a yard just down the road.

“Hey, dorko. The 1960’s called. They want their stupid phone box, back.”

Oh, yes. The Leech had chosen a wonderful place for a hostile takeover.

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I probably should have done this earlier...

But i couldn’t quite figure out what i wanted to say without sounding like a total dweeb, but I’m going to try…
I don’t know if you guys have noticed my brand spankin’ new icon which was made for me by oolong and i love oolong for it because its beautiful and amazing and wonderful…
Its also the reason behind why i changed my account name to karomel-the-prompt-angel because when i was in phoxtank’s joinme stream i was just throwing out little kevedd head cannons and i know that oolong, nat, and a few other people where there forgive me for not remembering just who was there but you guys really seemed to like them and started calling me karomel the prompt angel and the such and then oolong said that she was going to make me an icon and that really blew me away that someone who barely knows me took time out if their day to make me a personal icon was really special to me
And i don’t know if I’m reading way too far into it but that day i was really having a bad day and the things you guys were saying were so sweet an nice and completely out if the ordinary from what i hear irl
So maybe I’m being a sentimental fool but thank you, thank you very much because you guys, oolong, phox, nat and everyone who was there, made me very happy that day so again thank you you’re all sweethearts