phoxbox  asked:

"It's time to end IP laws" Why do you confuse the matter by using vague terms like "intellectual property"? The term is one often used by someone trying to swindle you and to lump together various things that are completely unrelated. It is very misleading. If you want to speak about something then speak about patents, copyright, trade secrets, etc. But please do not be intellectually dishonest with loaded terms such as "intellectual property" and deliberately confusing. -- Phox

You do realize that Intellectual Property laws consists of patents, copyrights, and trade secrets?  Or do you not understand that?  So when I, or anyone else says it is time to end IP Laws, we are saying it’s time to end patents, copyrights, and the such.  Ideas are not property.  They are not a scarce resource. 

If you are confused, that’s on you.  Maybe you should educate yourself more on the subject. 

Perhaps you should read Stephan Kinsella’s paper Against Intellectual Property.