Hey babes,

Dee’s really stressed out about getting all her schoolwork done on time, and she has no self control when it comes to tumblr. Anyway, long story short, she’s given me the wheel. I’m in charge now.  Now there’s gonna be some major changes around here… we’re gonna rename her blog… and we’re gonna start only reblogging photos of naked boys.


She’ll be back before you know it.



Why today is awesome:

  • This mix from phovicc! It’s the perfect combination of songs I love with songs that I don’t know (but I’m sure that I’m going to love) and it came with shiny cat stickers. (And the cover art is insanely adorable! A stick man’s journey to the finish line, I LOVE IT.)
  • The sun has been out all day! The past week has been distinctly London/Vancouver/Seattle weather and it’s made everyone a lot happier than a typical Monday.
  • No other reasons are necessary.