Fandom Sorting Hat

Willow Rosenberg (Buffy the Vampire Slayer): SLYTHERIN

Slytheirns value cunning and ambition. Even in her earliest days as an apparently ‘mousy’ novice, Willow demonstrates a penchant for both . Remember in the very second episode, she leverages her knowledge of computers to trick Cordy into deleting a project? Under the polyester, scales have always lain.

For Willow, knowledge means power, a means to an end. There’s a reason they call it witchcraft; Willow is interested in magic predominantly for the power she creates for herself. Possibly only next to Buffy, Willow’s arc centers the most on her relationship to power. 

Futhermore, Slytherins are also fervently protective of “real” friends, to quote the Sorting Hat itself. From s4 onwards, it became a season staple for Willow to go on a rampage of some sort fueled by the loss of someone dear.