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“Someone appeared beside Lucien—a tall, handsome brown-haired man with a face similar to his own. Lucien didn’t look at his father, though he stiffened as the High Lord of the Autumn Court approached Tamlin and extended a clenched hand to him.”

I strongly believe in making the best use of all the functionality available.

If you find something or someone on this website is ruining your favorite thing - blacklist or block them, I say. Unless you have the desire and time to civilly talk it out instead. Your call.

Me, I don’t have time to do parenting someone else neglected to do.

If I am your annoying stranger or something I post is unpleasant/boring to you - feel free to blacklist that or block me, I usually tag everything I post. It’s only fair. Blacklisting and blocking is a very convenient filter, make the best of it.

As for anon blocking, it’s a very useful little thing. I hardly ever had to use it, but I feel some people don’t even know it’s there. Here it is:

Circle Icon Tutorial- Photoshop
  • Photoshop I use: CC 2015 but the tutorial should work for every version.
  • Knowledge needed: absolutely none.
  • The screencaps I am using are from [x]
  • Please like or reblog if this helps you!

So I learnt how to make circle icons a while ago but I was always finding that the white block around it never left but recently I figured out what I was doing wrong and decided to make a tutorial on it!.

Edit: Tumblr broke it last time I tried to post it so I just redid it.

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