(Photograph of Wamuhu Waweru, 2013.)

Female artists have been greatly ignored throughout history and the statistics are nothing short of depressing. A woman’s perspective has always been looked at as something lesser than a man’s, regardless of her ability to influence and inspire others. Through my photographs I hope to portray women (and men) as more than just a muse or object. Perhaps because I am a woman and because I’ve been photographing myself since the tender (and very awkward) age of ten, I have learned that women don’t need to appear blatantly sexy/cute/pretty to be interesting. If we continue to stay trapped in this narrow fantasy world of android like women and terrifyingly macho men then we wont ever get to experience the subtle yet remarkably beautiful differences from person to person. Everyone has a story to tell, and the complexities of their realities are far more compelling than the gross simplification of what art has traditionally expressed. Some stories are deeper, darker, more obvious, more fictional or more secret than others.

From Photoworks #8, Girls.

We had the pleasure of meeting some of the folks from The Impossible Project this past weekend as they camped out in front of Photoworks on Market St. in their gleaming Airstream trailer. We couldn’t resist taking some photos and marveling at their collection of new and vintage cameras inside. Their Silver Shade Summer Tour continues through June with upcoming stops in Portland, Seattle, SLC, and Vegas. Check them out as they roll through!

Photoworks Issue Eight has just been released, and it’s all about Girls. Hannah Louise Schuster lovingly put the whole thing together, and inside you’ll find photographs and words from Hana Haley, Vivian Fu, Wenxin Zhang, and yours truly. This is one of the best looking zines I’ve contributed to and I highly recommend purchasing your very own copy. You can purchase one for $7 by emailing Hannah (or if you live in SF you can go to their store & pick one up!) After you look through it, let us know what you think…

(above photograph from hannahs instagram.)


so as you know by now the photocopy club is always keeping busy. We have just got back from Hong Kong and we are now ready to tell you about our brand new open submission exhibition. The photocopy club have been selected to be apart of a new group show working with the Jerwood space and Photoworks - The exhibition opens on the 6th of November at Jerwood SPACE London. So if you want to be apart of it this is what you have to do:


THE PHOTOCOPY CLUB - FAMILY POLITICS:  Social media reveals the lives of family and friends on a grand scale our home life, holidays, weddings, deaths and births. Everything that was private about the family is now often played out online for all to look in on.  In relation to this, The Photocopy Club are inviting photographers to share their own documentation of family life.   The 2 areas we would like you to focus on are your own photos of family life and photos that you would place within social media.   We would like you to submit 1-5 images to us printed as black and white photocopies (size A4 - A0).  The Photocopy Club will then select from these. Selected works will be shown as part of the Jerwood Encounters Family Politics exhibition curated by Photoworks at Jerwood Space, London from 6 November – 8 December 2013. For further information about the exhibition please visit the Jerwood Visual Arts website:   This project is also an opportunity for you to comment on how social media effects your family life and the politics within it. We are interested in receiving traditional photos as well as phone photos/images sourced from your own social media outlet. The term family politics may be considered as you see fit - this is about how you see your family, whether you look at it in the traditional sense or in a more alternative way.   Photographs will need to be signed and dated on the back and we will be displaying the envelops that are sent in along side. Please refer to for images of previous exhibitions and submissions.   The Deadline is the 31st of October. All work received after this deadline will not be in the exhibition.   Please e-mail us if you have any questions:
  Please send your submissions to:    The photocopy club Unit D and E Level 2 South New England House New England Street Brighton BN1 4GH East Sussex UK   PLEASE REBLOG AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!