Explore the World through #WWIM11

Did you participate in Worldwide InstaMeet 11 this weekend? We want to hear about it! Tell us about your InstaMeet here.

This past weekend, Instagrammers from across the globe gathered for Worldwide InstaMeet 11. Exploring the #WWIM11 hashtag will take you to meet-ups in every corner of Earth, from Accra to Athens, from Beirut to Belo Horizonte, from Miami to Minsk.

This Worldwide InstaMeet was the largest and most globally diverse to date. Indonesia took top billing for the highest InstaMeet participation—#wwim11jakarta alone attracted over 1,100 attendees—followed by the US, then Italy, Spain, Brazil and Malaysia. But people gathered in groups of every size around the world to connect and explore their creativity, from the frozen waters of Lake Baikal to the Malaysian countryside to a bustling train station in Mumbai.

To learn more about InstaMeets and explore the vibrant and diverse Instagram communities all around the world, browse the #WWIM11 hashtag.


Announcing Worldwide InstaMeet 12: October 3-4

For more information about how to get involved in #WWIM12, visit Check out our Behind the InstaMeet series for practical tips on organizing a meetup of your own!

Worldwide InstaMeet 12 is set for the weekend of October 3-4!

This Worldwide InstaMeet falls just before the Instagram community’s birthday on October 6. To celebrate the vibrant, diverse and global community that has grown since Instagram launched just five short years ago, the theme of #WWIM12 will be to share #todayimet portraits of the people you meet. To help others connect to new and interesting people, ask the subject of your portrait about their favorite Instagram accounts, and include them in your caption with the #whoifollow hashtag.

Browse the #todayimet hashtag for portrait inspiration, and learn more about InstaMeets at


Life in Manila by Night

I shared with you guys the other day some of the (portrait) shots that I took during our night photowalk in Manila. So here are more photographs from the event that I organized a few weeks back.

I’m pretty sure you wanna know how we were able to walk in the dark alleys of Manila during night time. Uhmm. It’s actually pretty risky to shoot in Manila during the dark hours, but it’s all about trying and exploring new stuff. And I’m glad I did. I just made sure to have enough numbers to consider it’s safe for us to walk. And Binondo, specifically Chinatown, has a pretty good light, literally! Visit Binondo and see it for yourself.

Watch for more Manila by Night shots in the coming days.