Sending Signals par Thomas Hawk


Graffiti on Graffiti.

There is something eerie about walking down a fully painted up alley, alone, with just your toddler strapped to your back.

I feel a deep intimacy seeing any type of art. A vision into the artists’ minds and soul. Graffiti takes it to a whole other level that museum or other street art just cannot reach. You have that feeling of intimacy, but closely followed by a feeling of intrusion from the artist having to sneak into someone else’s private bubble to leave their mark.

PentaxME Super, Lomography Color 800 Film. 8-Aug-2016. Kansas City, Missouri.

We’ve teamed up with @adorama and @nikk_la for a photowalk in Tokyo on Saturday, August 27th! Please meet by the Hachiko statue in Shibuya station at 7AM JST. Tag your photos from the photowalk #inspirationcultmagxAdorama for a chance to win a Canon 7D Mark II kit from Adorama and a camera bag from @brevitedesign. Bring your cameras and smartphones, meet new people, and have a blast! Click the link in bio to RSVP.

27日に @adorama × @inspirationcultmag のphotowalkをやります。photo contestも開催し1位の方にはAdoramaから、Canon 7Dをプレゼントします。詳しくはプロフィール欄にあるLINKを見てください。#inspirationcultmag (Shibuya Hachiko Statue)

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New World Photographer par Thomas Hawk

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I can’t believe we’re now on the third week of August already!. How time flies *sigh* Anyways, I’m here to just give you guys a little update of my life. I will be probably busy because my classes started this week (yey, 4th yr!) and I will be cramming while my pimples will have a comeback haha! I’ve been trying to give justice to my pending posts but I’m really having a hard time where and how to start. I have tons of things to write and loads of photos to edit. I would really love to go to school while blogging + editing photos and videos + do some photowalk and photoshoot, while watching all my favourite KDramas that is why i am currently learning how to manage my time. One thing I’ve realized is that, we all have enough time for a day and it depends on us on how we manage it so never ever complain that you don’t have enough time.