photowalk worldwide

Beautiful Things of This Weekend

On Saturday I went on the Worldwide Photowalk, and as per my homework for my beginner photography class, I took pictures in aperture priority and didn’t even cheat a little.  I encountered tons of cool stuff in an eclectic part of my weird little town, including an artist who basically does installation art around his home with things people leave him that is shiny, as it is all about light.  Also there was a dog (her name is Bella and I love her). (A few snaps below, so you can experience too!)

Yesterday, I worked at the bookstore and a little boy who found a gift certificate from two years ago couldn’t find a book he wanted so he asked if he could buy his older brother the book HE wanted but they didn’t have the money for. Then I went to my parents and there was Thanksgiving dinner and delicious apple cake and I got to take leftovers home.

Today I am going to dinner with a group of friends - I am calling it Friendsgiving.  There will be bacon.  And lots of love and laughter.  

There is ugliness in this world, but there is beauty, too.