Eloquent words and beautiful photography always go well together – kind of like good food paired with great wine. This is exactly what happened when two well-known online professionals @CucinaDigitale & @eleonoragalasso teamed up together to created a project called #romanity. Through their descriptive words and delightful imagery, you will get a glimpse of what life really is like in Rome, Italy. I fell in love with their blog posts and wanted share them with you guys here. Go checkout: and read The “It’s Romanity. Sneak Peek” Series. It will leave you wanting more and more of this eternal city called Rome.

Photo caption: I had the privilege of spending an afternoon with @CucinaDigitale and her husband last year after my #PhotoVenture2013. I gifted them with a lifestyle session to celebrate their recent nuptial. Afterwards, they shared us their part of Rome by doing a photo walk together. I got a chance to make this photo (this is how Italians will say “taking a photo”) of @CucinaDigitale in action, doing what she does best. If you are not following her on @Instagram, I highly encourage you to do so. #pictapgo_app

Spent this morning photographing this beautiful couple from Roma. Grazie @cucinadigitale for spending the day with us as well. Learned a great deal about Instagram from you. #photoventure2013 (at Castello di Petrata Hotel Assisi)