photosystem ii

Photosystems in Photosynthesis

Before we kick off this whole Photosynthesis thing we just need to clarify what exactly this mess is

This bad boy isn’t as complicated as he looks, he’s a Photosystem (Photsystem II to be exact) and basically it’s just a collection or pigments and proteins arranged in a certain way. The green stringy things you see in this diagram are chlorophyll.

In the Light Dependent reactions of Photosynthesis there are two of these photosystemy things involved - Photosystem II and Photosystem I (imaginative names), both of which are located in the Thylakoid Membrane of a chloroplast


Photosystem II also contains what is known as the Oxygen Evolving Complex which does just what it says on the tin - produces Oxygen, Protons & and Electrons from the photolysis of water molecules.

The light reactions of photosynthesis basically do two things:

  1. Make ATP
  2. Split water to get electrons

The ATP is made by ATP synthase, which is found in almost all organisms on Earth. The water splitting is accomplished by an enzyme called photosystem II, pictured above. It’s possible you’ve performed a water splitting experiment in a chemistry class: you run electricity through water and produce hydrogen and oxygen gas. But you have to use electricity to do it, and that’s a lot of effort. Plants do it just by hanging around in the sunlight and getting watered!

The mechanism of photosystem II, which is important for life on Earth as we know it, is not fully understood yet. If you want to do science, how about figure it out for us, Clear Scientists? 

  • a timer appears on everyone’s wrist the moment they turn 12 that counts down to the moment they meet their soulmate
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  • meanwhile, BSK was partying it up in his dorm, excited to be meeting his soulmate in a few minutes
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  • tbh when is he not?
  • you found yourself standing in front of room 317, completely oblivious to the timer on your wrist counting down its last seconds
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Written by Admin Sea

I’m sitting outside and looking at plants and trying to relax but all I can think about is parenchymal cells and PHOTOSYSTEM II COMES BEFORE PHOTOSYSTEM I and xylem and phloem and the Calvin cycle

lol too bad none of that was on the actual exam


Photosystem II

(This video goes into more detail than necessarily needed for AQA Biology Unit 4 but it’s still good to see)

one thing I hate about biology is that numbering of anything is reliable enough to feel somewhat safe assuming ist what it should be, but enough important things are numbered weirdly where you realistically never SHOULD feel safe

Like photosystem II is a critical focus and is procedurally before photosystem I in the electron transport bullshit and yet, its PSII. The three classes of myosin, as you’d expect, are one, two, and five.