#Cosplayer @hj.steele with a year in review of her season of #PoisonIvy!

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An Ivy for every season 💖 very much considering just redoing all of these!
Photographers (from left to right) @arctic_revolution @photosynthetique @mind_ofa_panda @ebphoto651 #poisonivy #poisonivycosplay #seasonalpoisonivy #seasonsofivyproject #hjsteele #tb #fb

Forgive me for looking like a hot mess but I am SO FLIPPING PUMPED I CANT EVEN CONTAIN MYSELF! Just received my copy of @cynicalfashionmag Cosplay Edition Volume 2 - I can’t believe I’m actually holding a magazine that I’m in (and let alone a 6 page spread?! Holy crap!!) I am so humbled and delighted right now. Thank you to all of the photographers who helped make this come together (@photosynthetique @mcduffphoto @ebphoto651 @mind_ofa_panda) and all of my followers who supported me through this whole endeavor! This project was an amazing way to start my adventures in modeling and I’m just so happy that it made it into print. Make sure to get your copy of the mag today to see the whole thing as well as the exclusive interview! #cosplay #cynicalfashionmagazine

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