After a weekend absent of anything productive at all, I woke up this morning with an intense headache and an even more intense guilt trip.

It’s a slippery slope, reacting like this to your mistakes. So often we think (as I did this morning) that these mistakes are what define us. We feel our slip-ups and dumb moves showcase our moral standing. Our fuck-ups are exactly who we are.

However, rather than providing any positive influence on your life, this cyclical way of thinking will sink lower with you each passing moment that you allow it to, and in the process will attack every aspect of your life– relationships, education, work, health, everything.

This is why it is necessary for your own well being to realize that it is not your setbacks that define you, but your reaction to those set backs. It is toxic to think of these in any other light

This isn’t saying that we all should immediately change our lifestyles to accommodate every set back– this simply isn’t something that is doable. However, immediately changing the way we think about our mistakes? That is.

Anytime you feel like you are getting dragged through the dirt, being that it is because of an honest mistake on your end, or something external, simply breath and remember that “the true measure of success is how many times you can bounce back from failure”.

I promise you that if you start thinking this way, you will be absolutely unstoppable.