Almost in Love


brings to me his face in

vibrations of sound

crawling across my skin

like his soft kisses sent straight to the nerves

shaking my heart in sweet rapturing trembles.

Vibrations that envelope me 

in memories of his touch

but cut my skin alive to the vision 

of a smile I can never watch grow again.

The sharpest knife through the softest flesh

lets hours pass in helpless


‘til a sting so raw is finally registered as an offense to the body

but all too late. 

A flood of emotion quivers in

a wet film that clouds my eyes

halted in a torturous pause because

not even enough seconds were shared

to help push that salty stream overboard.

So precious his imprint on my heart

a tiny hole that still can’t be filled

with healing puddles from

the rain of forgiving tears.

A hollow that echoes so profoundly

to this music

that forces his melody 

to resonate through

the cracks of my being.

And I can’t forget

this dry pain

that doesn’t hurt in the right places.

It dances all over 

to this music and 

his music.