I was wondering if I could get shipped with somebody from Got7 I am a very shy girl I don’t like to talk much to my crushes because I tend to get very nervous and shaky and have a tendency to blurt out really random and dumb things so for the most part I’m very quiet and reserved but once I am comfortable around you I can be pretty silly and very philosophical I tend to think a lot of things and I’d like to have these conversations with people I also giggle a lot and I love to try and help others by either helping them get into a better mood or just doing whatever it takes to make them happy I love kids and one day I hope to be a mom of a lot of kids crazy I know xD THANK YOU I HOPE YOU PICK ME!


I ship you with Jackson!

Okay, first of all, love love love your fashion style!

Now, you may be thinking about why I paired you with one of the most extraverted people in GOT7. Well, it’s because I think you guys would be wonderful opposites for each other. He loves, loves, loves to get into deep conversations much like you like philosophical thought. Your wide variety of interests in conversation would keep him wondering what else you could think, and how amazing it is that you think of such big things.

I’m sure you’ll also have fun with him because you’re both very fun and silly! When you get nervous, his humor and his own silly personality may allow you to feel more comfortable! And your warm heart for helping others and caring for others to such an extent would be such a beautiful thing to Jackson, as he cares a lot for other people too. Though you’d have to remind each other that caring for yourselves is often just as important.

And you’ll have tons of kids, God help you (imagine having 5 kids with Jackson oh LORD).

Thank you so much for submitting!

Love, Admin Rini.