eldur is now available for preorder in my accent shop! It will be available to preorder until february 20th

I made some free lineart to go with it, but you can use it without buying/owning the accent.  if you’ve always wanted art of your PC with a flaming skull for a head, your time has come.  You can find a download link to the .psd in my accent shop along with some basic terms.  Have fun!


Sweet, colorful, and fun; if there is any reason to celebrate, these Birthday Cake dragons have you covered!

 Birthday Cakes come with lots of Thylacine frosting, and either in classic yellow Cherub or Funfetti flavors!

Join the pinglist today, over at the Autumn Spice Hatchery!

why do white people get so mad when black people support black self love and actually stand up for themselves? yall shouldn’t feel attacked bc yall ain’t included… this one time it isn’t about white people and yall get mad af

anonymous asked:

Osiem posted a fake breed and a video on how they made it but they decided to play a joke and act like it was the next new breed and everyone got super excited until Osiem apologized and said they were joking. Then a bunch of people were angry. Osiem deleted everything and apologized again.

Oh that’s not….that terrible though? I mean, by common knowledge Osiem posts a lot of fake breeds and NEVER posts anything official on their blog unless it’s been announced on FR already??

I dunno, I feel like people need to not be so angry about that.