Eye Headcanons:

Light eyes are excellent for particularly bright situations. What is blinding to any other flight is perfectly fine for them, and bright flashes almost never catch them off guard (A light dragon would never blink having their picture taken). However, as the light level drops, their vision becomes worse- twilight might as well be pitch black for a Light dragon, and their eyes never quite adjust to darker areas like the Labyrinth or Tangled Woods.

Nature eyes are much better at low-light vision, but where they excel is at color differentiation and pattern-matching, particularly in low-light stuations. Don’t expect to win a game of hide-and-seek with a Nature dragon, they do much better at picking out close but similar colors, and often see through camouflage without effort or training, and in fact may see more colors than other flights, though it’s a debated question.

Water eyes do not have eyelids- but they do have brilles, and in some breeds, nictating membranes to keep their eyes moist and protected from debris. Their unblinking stares only add to the mystique of being all-seeing, though it does leave them a little more vulnerable to sudden light flashes and blinding.

Shadow eyes of course, are best for low-light situations. You can’t hide from a shadow dragon in the dark, but you could hide out in the light. As a result, shadow dragons living in brighter realms have a higher tendency to go blind, just from over-exertion, often from cataracts.

Fire eyes are similar to Water eyes in that they tend to have brilles, which are necessary to keep them from drying out in the heat. They also protect from sparks, though Fire dragons also tend to blink regularly, which is what sets them apart from their watery kin. Their eyes are also less susceptible to watering- it takes quite a bit to get those tears flowing.

Lightning eyes tend to have an uncommon glow to them, even in death. This does not, however, seem to impede or improve their vision. Smug lightning dragons will inform other dragons that they’ve actually seen the back of their eyelids, which is a positively delightful shade of blue.

Earth eyes are almost a perfect blend of Shadow and Nature qualities- they’re almost as good at low-light vision, and almost as good at picking out patterns and differences. This is especially helpful in burrowing and building tunnels.

Ice eyes, like Fire eyes, are resistant to watering, due to the bitter cold winds of the southern fields. They do blink, albeit infrequently, which can result in a rather dead-eyed stare from the more serious inhabitants. They are also especially resistant to cataracts, and in high-light situations, as good as a nature dragon in seeing through camouflage.

Plague eyes are notoriously prone to disease and failure, but unlike any other flight, are especially sensitive to heat, even outside their native breed, which makes up for the smaller span of colors they have available to them. While Mirrors, with their secondary eyes are always better at thermal vision, any breed with plague eyes is able to make some note of differences of heat signatures in their surroundings.

Wind eyes do not water at all, and have a membrane that protects them from wind and airborne debris. Their long-range vision is second to none, and it is not uncommon for wind dragons in other territories to spy visitors or trespassers well before any other member can make out their form, and are the worst dragons to play I Spy with, because they almost always win.

Arcane eyes, like Lightning eyes, have a glow to them, which seems to neither impede nor improve their vision. However, they insist the back of their eyelids is pink. With the right pair of Arcane and Lightning dragons, this is an argument that can go back and forth for hours.


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