John Watson presents: Beginner texture pack!

Hello! This texture package is designed for people who have just
entered into the world of using textures - the package drabbles in a few areas (as hinted to in the above image.) It's my texture folder on my laptop, so it might be useful for those that just want a hoard of textures. They are all labeled. 

It includes the following: 
- 22 cloud images 
- 15 cracks 
- 16 grains
- 2 line drawings
- 38 lines and dots
- 18 scenery images
- 3 background textures (small)
- 5 water colors

I ask that if you download this you like, or reblog the package. None of these are mine - I just gathered them all. If you find your texture in the pack and would like it to be taken down, please message me and I will do so.

Cheers! - Jhnwattson

Download links: MF | Dropbox | 4shared
top 10 movies of shahrukh khan
I recommend to watch

title: don the chase begins & don the king is back
length: 168 & 140
year: 2006 & 2011

if you´re looking for something that even the men race
will say yes to watch the answer is for sure → don
action, boom, plot twists, beautiful priyanka,
and for us ladies: shahrukh khan.
nothing is missing here.

Hey!! Due to school (and my lack of activity) I’ve decided to come out with a simple tutorial on how to make PNG’s on photoshop. This tutorial will not be done on a photograph with a white background (like I find a lot of tutorials are) but will be done on a…moderately busy background. If you need (or want) to learn, just click the readmore underneath the example picture! Cheers. x 

  • This tutorial goes through all options for cutting on a PNG. 

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Hello! This is a quick and simple tutorial on how to write around an image, as such: (Click on the gray box)

It’s really simple and on certain things it looks quite nice. I’m required to know how to do it because of school, but it’s always fun to include it in your graphics. 

  • Reblog/like if you use this tutorial. 
  • Ask questions if you need to!
  • You should know the basics of photoshop.

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This is the first graphic tutorial I’ve made in a while.—- I’ve noticed a few people with this sort of sidebar and I thought it was cute and simple to make. I decide to make a quick, simple tutorial on how to achieve the sidebar (it’s shown in the photo above) and…that’s it. 

  • It can be used for roleplay sidebars!! It can be used for any sidebar, really. 
  • like/reblog if you used the tutorial 
  • Let me know if you need help
  • Feedback is appreciated! 

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Hello! I just wanted to get in a quick text tutorial since it’s my favourite type of text at the moment. I, personally, call it hollow writing. I’m not sure what other people call it. If you can’t be bothered to learn how to do the writing yourself you can download a PSD containing the hollow writing predone here. Otherwise, lets learn how to do it, shall we? 

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