Date Night [REQUEST]

Dressed in a pair of pale pink tailored trousers and a white blouse with black detailing, you checked yourself over in the large mirror in your lounge, leaning closer to make sure your hair and makeup were perfect. It was supposed to be date night in your house this evening, but your silly boyfriend completely forgot and agreed to attend a fashion show on the same day. His attempt to make it up to you was by bringing you along.

You and Sehun tried to live your lives as normal as possible, visiting cinemas and restaurants and theme parks like any other couple would do. It was hard to do with both of you doing so well in your careers and creating a lot of public attention. However, you always felt inexplicably safe with Sehun and you knew the minute things started to get too much for you, he’d take you away in an instance.

So instead of spending your evening cuddled up next your boyfriend on the sofa with some popcorn and a movie, you were being the supportive girlfriend and going to a fashion show … if Sehun ever finished getting ready and came downstairs.

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J-World renovated the KnB area a bit with some new stuff!

One, lots of Seirin vs. Touou for the movie. Two, new lottery game where you stir the pot of curry and colored balls come out of the pot to determine your prize. Three, there’s now a shooting Mukkun game. Four,  a photospot area of the Gymnasium where the Winter Cup was held. And also they updated the clips of the characters that play when you step on their spot in front of the screen.

Aomine’s birthday event yay~

I did it. I bought Kagami’s 30cm BLT. It really was huge that they usually cut it beforehand but I said no need. It was good though! The sauce is delicious! And I got Seirin’s chicken cream risotto and apple pastry cake for the Seirin vs Touou event.


blackpinkofficial#BLACKPINK #Harajuku#Takeshitastreet #原宿 #竹下通り

tmblr-valerie  asked:

OMG!! 😂That's such bad photospot done on Kate's hair and CP Mary's makeup. Funny :)) So te majority of british journalists are now on the same level with the ones from toilet paper worthy New Idea.

Oh yes ana. Those mags are the worst. I will tell you a story to laugh at. There is a celebrity here that was on one of Australian’s dating shows and her name is Georgia Love who the rags saw her at one on Sydneys cafes having lunch and they assumed that she was pregnant. 

So they all began printing articles about her being pregnant and the poor woman had to come on one of the nightly TV shows called the project and debunk that rumour which all the mags like New Idea and a few other where printing.

That’s why you don’t believe anything you read and seen in these types of magazines.

thanks ana 😊👍