If you, like me, do not use Photoshop due to inability, stubbornness, or even sheer unadulterated laziness, but would like to make fun edits like the one above, FEAR NO MORE. I am, as always, here to help! 

Below the cut is Belle’s guide to edits for people who don’t know how to use photoshp (or just don’t want to)!

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anonymous asked:

What tablet/ program do you use to draw? I'm thinking of buying a tablet and I was wondering what you use/ if you would recommend anything? Thanks!

I use SAI, but only bc my laptop doesn’t have enought ram to work Photoshp properly and i don’t have the patience to learn any other digital program. I do recommend it! there’s a free trial, but after i think 40 days you need to buy a license or it won’t let you save your works, or you can get the bootleg version floating around somewhere (idk where tbh) it doesn’t slow your computer and the blending is LEGIT! 10/10

Photoshop is good for textures and maybe GIF making if you’re wondering about broadening your scope. I actually learned how to paint on PS first, but i thought it was too confusing. Like SAI you can get a free trial to see how much you like it, tho i think it’s only 30 days and after 30 days you can’t get on it at all??? idk, it’s been a while. It’s more expensive i think, bc it’s part of the Adobe works but i also heard it’s pretty top noch stuff. BUT you can download an older version online for FREE if you have a student e-mail.

MediBang is also a good one, it’s free and even though it doesn’t blend as well as SAI it helps you get the hang of digital drawing. AND IT’S FREE!!! what more can you ask for?? :D

then you have GIMP (never used it), KRITA (never used it), and like other ones??? honestly it’s all up to you, but try SAI, it’s really good.