Recently I’ve seen the upstart of a post that is trying to create a more accurate tagging system for the TW fandom, so I said to myself: the Supernatural Fandom needs one, too! We have truly amazing artists who create daily awesome content for every spn lover and they (every single one of us, really) deserve an accurate system. I’m about to quote the creator of the TW post now because I really agree with her: by making this post I’m hoping to raise awareness for these specific character tags so we can all more easily find stuff without having to sift through random posts. If you’re a fanartist, fanauthor, graphic designer, gifmaker – basically anyone creating original content – I hope you consider using these tags when you post your work, because I, and others I’m sure, would love to be able to see the awesome stuff this fandom makes every day much more easily. 

As always, the all-inclusive primary tags will be #spnedit and #spngif and these are always active. Plus: your favorite character/ship isn’t here? Just create the tag using the same logic and message me for anything!

Is there any update on this subject? There is! We are successfully organizing the Spn tagging system and you can find new updates here.

It’s finally time! As promised, I wanted to do something really helpful for my followers, because they’re amazing. So, I’ve recently reached 10,000+ followers and I'm so happy and confused. I would like to thank you personally, one by one, but you’re really a lot, so I hope this is a proper way to celebrate.  
So, here we are: this is the resource pack (and masterpost) section of my celebration project. You can find the original post with everything explained here and and the first part (a huge promo!) here  (๑>ᴗ<๑). This contains:

  • PSDs
  • Icons
  • Props!
  • Brushes

Enjoy and THANK YOU! || Download
As usual, credits are in the file’s names and psds/icons are mine. All my icons are here (that is just a selection) and, please, reblog/like if you use this pack and credit if you use an icon. 

And now, the masterpost section!

Supernatural Wiki
My starting point for all episode/character/creature related research. A great resource.
Fandom Tagging System
The new tagging system I launched and it’s now active.
List of Demons on Wikipedia
The mythology behind the demon and links to more details on each one.
Recommending this with caveats - it’s messy to navigate, and details aren’t always accurate, but there is a lot of information there on angels and theology.
A monster/demon/angel wikipedia. A large and reliable site (as far as I’ve seen), full of details.
The Sam Winchester Clothing Catalogue
The Dean Winchester Clothing Catalogue
Dean’s Classic Rock Collection
A Newbie Guide to Supernatural  
And finally, a ginormous list of communities, fansites, art resources and fanfic archives.