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i would listen to this stupid mix every day if it would bring you back. i would never listen to any good music ever again. but it won’t. how is it possible i’m never going to see you again? how can you be over? how is it possible i’m never going to do any weird things with you ever again? how can i have all this power, and i couldn’t hold on to you? the one time. the one time i needed it. what am i doing? jen. it’s not fair. dad says people are going to act like the world is ending now. maybe it is. it’s not the world. it’s just jen. jen’s world is over. now maybe everything will change.

supergirl: being super #2 (2017)

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the size of the file it can be!! like okay 2mb (megabytes) used to be the limmit which is a bitCH when u wanna make longer or 500px/540px gifs like a so often do and u gotta trim them and cut out layers n make em super short now u can gif an actual scene of something u want even if its a big gif aND color it without it being too large a file

some unlucky kiddos :’)

I…really don’t know why I made this. But now it exists so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯